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Coming Soon: Pathaan (2023) | India | Crazy action movie

India needs a hero to take down a terrorist organization that is planning several attacks in India. The hero’s name is Pathaan, and he’s a madman!

Pathaan is the fourth movie in the YRF Spy Universe. So far, the series consists of Ek Tha Tiger (2012), Tiger Zinda Hai (2017), and War (2019). I haven’t watched the three previous movies, but I’m going to watch them now after watching this crazy trailer. I don’t recognize any of the actors or the director, except the hottie, Deepika Padukone. I have seen her in several movies.

After watching the crazy trailer, I was sold. This looks like a fun and stupid movie, and it looks more entertaining than the big blockbusters that Hollywood pumps out. It looks like a crazy Fast & Furious movie mixed with Mission: Impossible, James Bond, and other over-the-top action movies. 

I mean, come on, look at this craziness! It’s insane, and the cinematography looks so slick and clean. The CGI in several scenes looks questionable, but as long as the action choreography will put a smile on your face, it doesn’t matter that much. I want to hear myself scream out more, more, more! Yes, you heard me! More, more, more!

I just hope the editing when there are action scenes on the screen will be coherent. Some Indian action movies have terrible editing. I hate fast cuts during action scenes. I HATE it!

Now I just have to watch the first three movies in the YRF Spy Universe. I just hope I don’t get an overdose of crazy action scenes before I get the chance to watch Pathaan.

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