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Highlight Reel: She Shoots Straight (1990)

Sweet revenge!

Two cops get married. One of the brothers’ sisters isn’t happy, and it turns out that the whole family is cops. This is indeed a sick family. And the bride isn’t that popular, as you can surely see. But the grumpy sister takes the cake. Poor bride! Her name is Mina.
Mina and the sisters are in charge of protecting a princess. The princess is attending a fashion show, and a group of terrorists comes to kidnap her. But the sisters are one step ahead of them, and they start killing the terrorists.

There are sisters everywhere. Just look at that mouse of a sister! One of the terrorists believes that Mina is the princess, but he is up for a surprise. 

One of the sisters is escorting the princess to safety, but there are some terrorists in the parking garage. They grab the princess, but is that the real princess? I think she has turned into a white woman. But one of the many sisters stops them.
Mina is coming, and the terrorist is getting away with the princess. Mina sees them, but she is out of bullets. So it is time to show the world that Jackie Chan inspires her. She tells the civilians to follow the car in front while she enjoys the view. She needs to move, and now she is on top of the roof of the car that the terrorists are driving. Jackie Chan is down, and Mina steals his motorbike. John Woo approves of that explosion and heroism! Sexy, it is so sexy.

Mina is a crazy woman, and what’s crazier is that the car flips over after driving over the motorcycle. Only in Hong Kong, baby! The bad guys are out of the game. But what happened to the princess or the white woman in the car?

And we celebrate the bravery of Mina. Give that woman five medallions! The other sisters are jealous, and here comes the brother who is married to Mina.

The brother feels pressure from his mother to bring a baby into this sick world, and see what the creep does! Mina does not want to have a baby right now, and this is supposed to be funny. What a sick man! What a sick family!
A Vietnamese gang is escaping from a refugee camp, so I am not sure if they are really Vietnamese. But I know that this man is a real American! 

They are planning to rob one or several nightclubs, I can not remember how many, and then return to the refugee camp. But first, they must get hold of some firearms, and they end up killing the weapons dealer. These are bad men, and the leader shows us a trick when he does not want to use the stairs to go down to the ground floor. ‘Watch the birds! Do you hear me? Watch the birds!’ Wait! The police say that the name of the street is Bird Street! Are you kidding me? Apparently not!

This is getting crazy. Mina wants eight female officers and herself to pretend that they are working in the nightclub so that they can catch the Vietnamese gang. She is a real and disgusting feminist! Her chief tries to hit on her, but Mina won’t have anything to do with him.

The Vietnamese gang is planning the robbery of the nightclub, and the leader has a super weapon. He has infrared goggles so that he can see in the dark. ‘You cannot see him, but he can see you!’ The leader is willing to start a war in Hong Kong as he did in Vietnam! Wait! What?

It is time for the robbery. Here they come, looking cool and creepy. But the grumpy sister beats up a customer who is a pervert, and he tells the hot woman that there are cops in the nightclub. And she is the sister of the leader of the Vietnamese gang. Drama!

The Vietnamese leader pulls out his gun and grabs the grumpy sister. Mina sees it, takes out her gun, and tells the leader to accompany her. But then the Vietnamese leader’s sister turns off the lights, and the criminals put on their super infrared goggles. It is time to party!

The criminals grab the money, but the sisters won’t let them escape. I am not sure, but it could look like the grumpy sister saved Mina’s life. They are destroying the place, and more cops come running in.

It’s time to shoot out the lights and turn into Buffalo Bill from “The Silence of the Lambs.” Infrared goggles are on! 

Mina shoots one of the closest men to the Vietnamese gang leader. Chun-Li takes care of that cop. She is dangerous, and she looks like a man. The criminals are escaping, so it’s time for the usual “Heat” action sequence. Let’s see if they blow up the city. Who is chasing who? There are too many of them! Who is who? The scene just ends, and the criminals make a promise that they will avenge their fallen brother.

The grumpy sister is suspended, and she blames Mina. They start fighting, but the brother breaks them up. The grumpy sister is glad they haven’t had a baby yet because it would be an ugly baby. Well, the sister says some racist things to Mina, and Mina starts crying. The brother gives her a good old slap that Sean Connery would be proud of. Let’s watch that one more time and appreciate it.

Fatso uses his handkerchief first, and then he offers it to Mina. What the hell? The grumpy sister starts writing a sorry letter to Mina, and her phone rings. A voice tells her to come to a park. He has some information about the Vietnamese gang. A cop tells Mina that the grumpy sister took a call in her office, and they listen to the short conversation.

The grumpy sister has arrived at the park. She isn’t the smartest cop in town. The brother and Mina have also arrived. She is a disgrace to humankind when she tries to arrest the scarecrow. The Vietnamese have set up traps, and the Hong Kong cops discover that they are in the jungle and in big trouble. The brother is a hero, and he takes the large bullet for his sister, but now he’s caught in the net, and he gets killed because of his heroism and his stupid sister. Mina takes care of that Molotov cocktail with style. And the sister manages to kill one of the bad guys. But the brother is still dead, and the grumpy sister will always be an idiot.

The family is celebrating the mother’s birthday, and Mina and the grumpy sister arrive late. But here they come. Who is going to tell the family that the brother is dead? They pretend that everything is okay, and they make a deal that they won’t ruin the mother’s birthday. But the mother senses that something is wrong, but they keep their mouths shut.
But then the news hit. They announce the death of the brother on the news broadcast, and the mother sees it on the TV. She breaks down and almost faints. They hug, and the mother tells her that he was a cop and it was his duty to die like an idiot in a net. And now the whole family cries. They all cry. I think I saw some waiters also crying. What a weird bunch! And the mother creeps me out. 

Time for the funeral and more crying. It’s all about the crying. Let’s cry for 15 minutes! But the leader of the Vietnamese gang is suddenly at the funeral, and he blows up the coffin where the cop sleeps. He is a sick fish! And Mina got hurt. She is rushed to the hospital.
The doctor comes out and tells the mother that she needs an operation and that she is pregnant. That dirty son should burn in hell, and he deserved to be blown up, and killed for the second time! And they have to operate on Mina without using anesthetics because it’s dangerous for the baby. Mina is like John Rambo!
She and the unborn baby survive the operation. They are all happy, and their boss tells them to take a month’s vacation. No one likes him, and the crazy sisters are upset. But he is the chief, and he has the command. The mother flirts with him since he’s a pervert, but she doesn’t succeed. The crazy mother has had enough and she hits him straight in the face. He understands the mother, and he would hit himself if he was her.
Mina and the mother hear the chief’s plan when he briefs the cops that the Vietnamese gang is planning to leave Hong Kong. So we know who will be there to stop them. A loyal colleague of the family tells them what’s going on and where the Vietnamese gang is, and they must hurry up so that the police don’t get to them first.
Mina is going to take revenge, And outside the grumpy sister is waiting for her. Now they are a double team. They are blood sisters.
The Vietnamese gang is on the ship, and they are getting ready to leave. What they don’t know is that Mina and the grumpy sister are coming for them.
But the sister of the Vietnamese gang leader discovers the fatso, and he discovers the sister’s car, and he heads to the ship to help them out.
Mina sees the Vietnamese gang leader, and she tries to kill him but she doesn’t succeed. So now the men are coming for her and the grumpy sister. The grumpy sister surprises them, and Mina still can’t take out the Vietnamese gang leader. But the Vietnamese gang leader shoots the grumpy sister, but she survives, and she is still in the game. 
Mina shows some skills with her long and hot legs. And she moves like a monkey. She is a tough one, this Mina. In fact, she is pretty brutal, and that kick would make the man himself, Yuen Biao, proud. 

The grumpy sister is fighting both Triple H and Jack Nicholson. But she turns out to be a fantastic fighter showing us some nice moves. I’m not sure how many men the two women have killed so far, but they must have killed 20 or so. This is pretty awesome!
Now it’s time for Mina to fight the leader of the Vietnamese gang. And the grumpy sister is also here, and here comes the fat man himself. Finally, he can help them. But he isn’t the smartest one, and Mina shoots the leader several times. But he won’t die, and the fatso tells her to spare him. And here comes the rest of the sisters and the scary mother. And the cops and the chief is waiting on the peer.

And here comes the rest of the family with the leader of the Vietnamese gang. And the chief arrests the fatso since he disobeyed his orders. The man is a big jerk. But then the leader of the Vietnamese gang surprises them, and he has taken the grumpy sister as a hostage. 

The leader of the Vietnamese gang warns the cops that don’t come near him or he will kill the grumpy sister. The chief tells him that he doesn’t care if he kills the sister. So the scary mother must again teach the chief a lesson. Now the crazy family has taken the chief hostage, and the mother points the gun at the leader of the Vietnamese gang. But the sister of the Vietnamese gang leader comes to his rescue, and she hurts the scary mother, and they take the chief with them. Unfortunately, the mother will be okay. Let’s hope that the chief won’t be okay. 

Mina takes up the chase while the chief is hanging on, and now there is just Mina against the brother and sister. She is like Jackie Chan. She can do it all, and did you know that she is married to Sammo Hung?
The Vietnamese siblings lose control of the motorcycle, and look at that! That is what you call a cool stunt! Let’s watch it again. And as we see, the brother is dead. I think the stuntman also died.

And now the sister attacks Mina. This is a fantastic woman-against-woman fight. And I have to sincerely say that this is one of the best woman-to-woman fights ever filmed. 

I think the sister must be a man. Look at that counter! And that was a stuntman, but it was still cool, and that kick is totally sick. And it’s the actress who plays Mina who performed that kick! That’s sick! And here we have almost a Donnie Yen signature kick. Time for a wrestling move, and a sick kick. What a fight! Jesus Christ! Did you see that? She pays tribute to the thumbs-down man from Bloodsport! Bolo Yeung gives the woman a thumbs up! Sorry, I meant thumbs down! But Mina can also use dirty tricks. Ouch, I can hear the man’s testicles chime all the way to Norway.

The sister tries that cool move again, but this time Mina is ready. She counters, and that was right in her manly chest! Ouch! Mina tells her to get up and get some more. But the sister gives up, and Mina is the coolest cowboy ever. And she drives off with the manly sister like a real cowboy.

The end.

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