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Movie Highlight Reel: Sex & Fury (1973)

The search for sweet revenge.

A cop is out walking with his young daughter when two gangsters attack him. They steal his bag and stab him to death in front of his daughter.

A couple of decades later, some powerful people are having a meeting at a hotel. The men are licking a politician’s b-hole, and his name is Mr. Kurokawa. His wife is also there when suddenly the guy from Final Fantasy 10 attacks Mr. Kurokawa. He is furious, but he is also pretty stupid. He escapes, but the police are hot on his tail. A woman drags him inside a house, and that woman is the daughter of the cop we saw get killed in the opening scene. The Final Fantasy guy has a butler, and the butler takes him home. What a strange idiot this guy is!

The protagonist stole his locket, and she doesn’t care. There is a photo of a beautiful white woman inside the locket.

The protagonist talks to a not-so-sexy man. She is searching for a person. He has heard about her and her card skills, so he wants to experience her fantastic card skills.

But before she can show her skills, a player discovers that the dealer who works for the house is a cheater. And the boss blames the dealer, even though it’s the boss who told him to cheat. So they end up killing the poor man. Well, he is not dead yet, but he will be soon. The protagonist picks up the bank statement that the man dropped, and before he dies, the protagonist talks to him. He wants to give the bank statement to his sister, and since he’s about to die, he asks the protagonist to give it to his sister, named Yuki. If she doesn’t get the bank statement, Yuki will be sold to a brothel.

The protagonist takes a bath, and she discovers that someone is watching her. She gets attacked while taking a bath, but she takes care of the first two men. It’s the boss of the gambling house, who is responsible for the attack. Since she knows about his secret, that he is a cheater, she has to die. She fights for her life, and she is not wearing any clothes. She kills around 15 men. There is a lot of snow and blood and a naked woman slicing up men, and she shows them who the boss is. She kills the gambling boss.

She arrives in Tokyo, and suddenly the man she helped and stole the locket from talks to her. She gives him his locket, and he thanks her. A woman bumps into him, and she is a thief. She stole the man’s wallet, but the protagonist catches her and takes it away from her. She gives it back to the Final Fantasy guy. The cops are coming, so the Final Fantasy guy must leave. A group of women walks up to the protagonist, and they know her. And they also know the woman who stole the Final Fantasy guy’s wallet.

They take her home to the woman who took care of her when she was an orphan. She looks a little creepy. And here comes a man who likes to smell his own farts. He and I could be best friends forever. He tells the woman that he has learned the art of stealing. The women find some balloons in the wallets, and they don’t know what that is. One of them calls it a rude sack. The woman who stole the wallet from the Final Fantasy guy comes in, and it turns out that the fart smeller stole her wallet. There is so much drama in this movie! It never ends!

The protagonist tries to find Yuki, and she’s talking to a scary man who runs a brothel. A man named Mr. Iwakura comes for a visit, and he seems to be an important man. He owns a construction company. He has heard they have a new, young beauty in the house, and he wants to be the first man who tries her out. His favorite song is “Like a Virgin,” you know, the Madonna song. He loves that song so much.

Mr. Iwakura meets Yuki, but she doesn’t like him. The protagonist walks in and tells Mr. Iwakura that Yuki is a free woman because she has the money they asked for. But Mr. Iwakura won’t let her go. He makes a deal with the protagonist. If she wins a game of poker against a woman who is a westerner, Yuki will leave with her. However, if she loses, they will both belong to him. He tells her the time and place for the game.

It’s time to party, and the red-haired mustache man is enjoying himself with Kurokawa, his wife, and Mr. Iwakura. The protagonist is also there, and a white beauty enters the room after being introduced by the red-haired mustache man. Her name is Christina. And it’s Christina who is going to play poker against the protagonist.

This is so intense, but suddenly the crazy Final Fantasy guy and his men rush into the room. Where is Kurokawa? That is the dirty politician. But you don’t mess around with a white woman, and she protects Kurokawa. But when her boss tells her to shoot the Final Fantasy guy, she refuses, and they escape. Why didn’t she shoot him?

Back to the poker table, and the game is pretty even. But Christina loses focus when she daydreams about the Final Fantasy guy. And that’s when she loses the game of poker against the protagonist. So the protagonist wins the game and Yuki! And she steals Christina’s gun! What a woman!
Yuki is so happy, but before she can leave, Mr. Iwakura wants to have fun with Yuki. He checks out if she is the real deal. He approves, and he has a special elixir that will make her party all night long. Poor Yuki!

Yuki wakes up after a nightmare, and lying beside her is the protagonist, who comforts her after the evil Mr. Iwakura was a bad man. Yuki is now damaged goods. Yuki tells the protagonist that he had a deer tattoo, and the protagonist changes her facial expression. She looks angry. That woke something up in her. Yuki doesn’t want to live anymore, but the protagonist calms her down and talks some sense into the empty brain of Yuki.

Christina has a locket, and in the locket, there is a photo of the Final Fantasy guy. It turns out that she became an agent so she could travel to Japan and meet the man of her life. She is sad because she didn’t get to talk to the Final Fantasy guy.

The red-haired devil man enters the room. The photo of the Final Fantasy guy makes him upset. He tells Christina they are here to set the stage for a second opium war. He gives her a good smack in the face. He tells her he is going to teach her a lesson, and that she should not have lost her gun. Poor Christina, she has been a bad, bad girl, and bad girls need to be punished. Her boss is enjoying himself, but I don’t think Christina does.

Mr. Iwakura visits Kurokawa, and Mr. Iwakura flirts with Kurokawa’s wife when Kurokawa leaves the room. It turns out that they are lovers, and they party hard. She was an important piece of the puzzle when they got so rich and powerful. She was the wife of the cop who got killed! Drama!

The Final Fantasy guy and his group of morons are planning another attack on Kurokawa. It turns out that the father of the Final Fantasy guy died because of Kurokawa. He was their scapegoat.

The police have located the Final Fantasy guy’s hiding place, and he barely escapes. He hides in the house of women thieves, and there is the protagonist. The police come running in and ask them if they have seen a man. But they say it’s a place only for women. And the guy tells them he is gay. What a funny man!

The protagonist and the Final Fantasy guy have found a place where they are safe for the moment. The Final Fantasy guy tells the protagonist that Kurokawa and Mr. Iwakura were former yakuza members. They were involved in a railway scandal, but they got away after stealing evidence from a detective. And that detective was the father of the protagonist! After that, they climbed the social ladder. She tells him that the detective was her father. The Final Fantasy guy cries like a little boy. He is a sensitive man. But he is still a moron!

The man who runs the brothel comes for a visit, and he asks for the protagonist. They search the place, and they take the women with them to teach them a lesson that they are men and they are women. He will make them talk, and they are going to tell him where the protagonist and the Final Fantasy guy are.

It does not take long before the protagonist shows up. She tells them to let the women go, and they can keep her. The owner of the brothel gives her a good smack, and he tells her he is going to take good care of her. But she is more interested in giving her body to Mr. Iwakura, who is walking in the shadows. He is a clever man, this Iwakura.

The protagonist talks about his deer tattoo, but before they are going to have some quality time together, she wants to put on some perfume. She smears the perfume all over her body. Mr. Iwakura is enjoying the perfume. Suddenly, he grabs his throat, and he has a hard time breathing. She tells him he is going to hell soon, and she also tells him about her father and that she is his daughter. And that the perfume he tasted was poison. She asks him who the third person who killed her father is. He tells her she will soon discover who the third person is, and then he dies.

The red-haired devil wants Christina to use her weapon, which is her body, to reel in Kurokawa. Their mission is to find out the secrets of the Japanese military. Her mission is to give Kurokawa what he wants, and after that, she must find and steal some secret documents.
Christina is making herself pretty before her sexy mission. Kurokawa likes to watch girls having fun. He is that type of man. But he joins them after a while, and he has a tattoo of a wild boar on his back. Drama!

Kurokawa and Christina are sleeping, and his wife opens up the door. She is upset. Iwakura was murdered, she tells him! She tells him it is a woman who killed him, and she names the protagonist. Drama!

But the scene is not over yet when Kurokawa and his wife leave the room. Christina wants to sleep, but that is difficult when the crazy Final Fantasy guy is in the room! He is looking for Kurokawa. Christina tells him she has so much to tell him. It’s a laughable scene that will rot your brain. She was pregnant, and she couldn’t dance. What the hell! She hated him. She damned him. Oh my! The acting! She wants to be with him, but he has one mission before that can happen. He must kill Kurokawa, the dirty politician! Christina tells him he is going to take the train tomorrow, and that will be his chance to kill Kurokawa!

The Final Fantasy guy tells the protagonist that he saw Kurokawa had a boar tattoo. They both want to kill Kurokawa, so they have to cooperate. But the protagonist is also looking for a person with a butterfly tattoo. There are so many tattoos in this movie!

The protagonist and the Final Fantasy guy are on board the train, and the Final Fantasy guy is an idiot! The protagonist has Christina’s gun, but she missed Kurokawa, and she has no bullets left. A large group of hot nuns handles the protagonist, and the Final Fantasy guy fights with the men. The Final Fantasy guy falls off the train, and I think he is dead. He couldn’t have survived that, could he?

Christina walks up to the protagonist, takes the gun, and knocks her out hard! When the protagonist wakes up, she is wrapped up in chains and Christina is a sexy Indian woman with a whip who disciplines the protagonist. Oh, Christina, I have also been a bad, bad boy! Come, give me some!

Kurokawa is here, and so are the nuns. He tells her he is going to kill her slowly. After the sexy whipping, they tie up the protagonist and the wife comes for a visit. The wife of Kurokawa tells the protagonist that she is her mother! She is cutting the ropes to let the protagonist loose but in walks Kurokawa. He tells the protagonist that her mother was responsible for the murder of her father!

The wife has a tattoo on her back, and it is a butterfly! Nooo! That means she must die! The drama never ends! They blame each other for being rotten to the core, and Kurokawa strangles his wife. He strangles her so hard that his face turns into a blue mess. How can that man still be alive with that blue face?

Christina sees the Final Fantasy guy. He is alive! How did he survive that fall from the train? They run to each other. He only got a scratch, and he received her letter. But Christina hasn’t sent him a letter! It is a trap, and the red-haired devil and his men start shooting at them. He must kill Christina because she knows their secrets. The Final Fantasy guy is going to be a hero, and Christina pulls out her gun and kills some of the bad guys. The Final Fantasy guy uses his sword and kills several of the bad guys, but the red-haired devil shoots him! After all, he is evil because of his redness! Never trust people with red hair and freckles! They are bad news! He also shoots Christina! Noooo! Damn you! Damn you! Christina goes down in slow motion, and it takes five minutes before she hits the ground.

The Final Fantasy guy picks her up, but the red-haired devil shoots him in his back. He is down, but he is still alive. Christina picks up the sword and kills the evil red-haired devil man. Take that, you evil man!

The couple has a romantic death that lasts for about 10 minutes. They loved each other so much, but now they are in heaven and singing the blues.

The protagonist has been tied up again, and she looks hot. But she cuts the rope with a tiny card.

The remaining bad guys are having a meeting. But then it rains cards in the room, and from the ceiling, the protagonist drops down and starts killing the bad and corrupt men. She is slicing and dicing, and she goes after Kurokawa. But she has to kill a lot of men, and I mean a lot!
She kills the brothel owner, but the police chief stabs her in the back. She takes care of the police chief, and Kurokawa runs away, but she catches up to him. He points his gun at her and starts firing, but she is smart and runs from left to right and he hits her two times. But that’s not enough, and she enjoys the moment when her sword penetrates his flesh and he dies. This is the taste of sweet and sweaty revenge. She is a Japanese badass!

It is snowing, and she is still alive. She stands up and walks while it is raining cards.

The end.

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