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The Medium (2021) – English Review

We follow a woman who has been possessed by a good-natured spirit that only possesses women in her family. But something happened in the past, and she believes that the spirit she has in her wants to transfer itself to her niece’s body. Continue reading “The Medium (2021) – English Review”

Shutter (2004) – English Review

On the way home after a reunion party, Tun and his girlfriend hits a woman while driving a car. They panic and leave the woman lying there all alone. Tun works as a photographer, and after the accident, mysterious shadows appear in the pictures Tun takes. And suddenly Tun’s old friends die. What are Tun and his friends hiding? Continue reading “Shutter (2004) – English Review”

Phobia 2 (2009)

phobia 2

Fem nye kortfilmer. Continue reading “Phobia 2 (2009)”