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In Our Prime (2022) – English Review

A student has problems with math, but then he discovers that the security guard who works for the school is a math genius. Can they help each other out and take the next step into the future? Or will their past hold them back? Fortsett å lese «In Our Prime (2022) – English Review»

Children (2011) – English Review


Five young boys disappear one day when they are out to catch frogs. After 11 years, they find the corpses of the boys. What happened, and who was behind the murders? Fortsett å lese «Children (2011) – English Review»

Children (2011)


Fem unge gutter forsvinner en dag når de skal ut og fange frosker. Først etter 11 år etter dukker likene opp, og da er selvsagt det store spørsmålet, hva skjedde og hvem stod bak drapene? Fortsett å lese «Children (2011)»