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Yes, Madam (1985) – English Review

Some bad guys want a microfilm that some thieves have in their possession. And on their tails, we find two cops who are women. One of them rocks some ugly yellow socks, and she has been too much out in the sun. The other one has bought her clothes in Germany, and she should spend more time out in the sun. Fortsett å lese «Yes, Madam (1985) – English Review»

Tiger on Beat (1988) – English Review

Two cops are trying to arrest some drug smugglers. But these two cops are completely different as individuals, so they don’t work that well together. Fortsett å lese «Tiger on Beat (1988) – English Review»

Just Heroes (1989)

just heroes

Noen dreper en mektig triadeleder, og enkelte personer i gjengen forsøker å finne ut hvem som stod bak drapet. Fortsett å lese «Just Heroes (1989)»

Tiger on Beat (1988)

Bruce Lee taught Jackie Chan… Jackie Chan taught Alain Delon… Alain Delon taught Stallone… Stallone taught Ti Lung. Ti Lung told me. Didn’t he tell you? Oh, well. Fortsett å lese «Tiger on Beat (1988)»