I Saw the Devil (2010) – English Review

A serial killer kills a pregnant woman who turns out to be the fiancé of a trained agent with an amazing body. The agent decides to take revenge, a slow revenge in which he constantly tortures the serial killer and then releases him. How long will this game last? Fortsett å lese «I Saw the Devil (2010) – English Review»

The Foul King (2000) – English Review

Dae-Ho works for a bank and he is constantly humiliated by his boss. But one day he walks by a professional wrestling school, and after convincing the owner that he is a man who really wants to become a professional wrestler, he starts to train there. Now he is going to show his boss who the real boss is, and maybe he will fulfill his big dream of becoming a professional wrestler. Fortsett å lese «The Foul King (2000) – English Review»

The Foul King (2000)

the foul king

Dae-Ho jobber i en bank, og han blir stadig ydmyket av sjefen sin. Men en dag så går han forbi en fribryterskole, og etter mye om og men så blir han tatt opp som elev. Nå skal han vise sjefen sin hvem som er den virkelige sjefen, og han får sin store drøm oppfylt når han blir en profesjonell fribryter. Fortsett å lese «The Foul King (2000)»