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Krigsseileren aka War Sailor (2023) – English Review

We follow two best friends who are sailors, and they will experience a lot when World War II breaks out. Will they survive, and if so, will they ever be the same as they were before the war? Continue reading “Krigsseileren aka War Sailor (2023) – English Review”

Doktor Proktors prompepulver (2014)

doktor proktors prompepulver

Promp, og du vil fly. Continue reading “Doktor Proktors prompepulver (2014)”

Død snø 2 (2014)

død snø 2

Nazizombiene har et nytt oppdrag, og den eneste som kan stoppe dem er Martin. Continue reading “Død snø 2 (2014)”

Kyss meg for faen i helvete (2013)

kyss meg for faen i helvete

Den jævla kjærligheten! Continue reading “Kyss meg for faen i helvete (2013)”