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Emergency Declaration (2021) – English Review

An angry man releases a deadly virus on a passenger plane, and all hell breaks loose on the plane. Is there a cure, and will someone find it before all the passengers die? And do we care? Continue reading “Emergency Declaration (2021) – English Review”

Okay Madam aka OK! Madam (2020) – English Review

A family wins a trip to Hawaii. They are looking forward to the trip, but they get a problem when a group of North Koreans hijacks the plane. They are searching for a defector, and it turns out that this person is on board the plane. Continue reading “Okay Madam aka OK! Madam (2020) – English Review”

The Pirates (2014)

the pirates

En hval har spist opp et kongelig segl, og det er flere grupper som er ute etter dette seglet. En av gruppene er banditter, mens en annen gruppe er en gjeng med pirater som har interne konflikter. Continue reading “The Pirates (2014)”