Money (2019) – English Review

A young stockbroker who is not good at anything gets a golden opportunity to make easy money when he performs some stock transactions for a mysterious man who turns out to do everything to earn a dollar. How will this end for the young stockbroker?

Money is not a very good movie. This is not exactly a South Korean version of Wall Street. The movie is interesting in the first hour, but then it loses control with murders and the movie turns into a thriller. And I was hoping that this was a movie that focused on stock trading and not murders!

But for this to work, you have to have a sympathetic protagonist you like. The problem is that the protagonist does not have much personality, he is young and greedy. He doesn’t deserve the success he experiences. No one likes cheaters, and no one likes greedy stockbrokers!

And with that, the engagement disappears, for everyone gets what they deserve in this movie. Men in suits who are after your hard-earned money are always unsympathetic characters who you hope will burn in hell! I hate men in suits, I don’t respect men in suits and you will never see me in a damn suit!

I like stocks and stock trading. I like finance, but I don’t like men in suits or men in suits that chase money. Money is a movie that doesn’t care so much about stock trading. What it cares about is creating chaos and excitement that doesn’t work when the movie has an empty and selfish protagonist.

Rating: 4/10

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