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The Divine Fury (2019) – English Review

An MMA fighter who lost his father at a young age discovers that he has powers that can drive out demons from possessed humans. He helps an elderly priest, and together they try to help possessed people. But there’s a mastermind behind it all, and he’s an evil bastard!

The Divine Fury hasn’t been received that well by the critics, and I understand why. The movie isn’t that bad in the first hour, but when it’s about half an hour left, the whole movie turns into shit! Suddenly it feels like you’re watching a cheap TV episode.

The last fight scene where the hero and the villain meet each other is one of the stupidest showdowns I’ve seen in my life. The main villain wears a rubber suit that looks like something they used in monster movies from the 50s.

And not only that, we get to see a lousy choreographed fight scene where the minions of the antagonist fight the protagonist. The choreography is so bad and tame that I didn’t believe my own eyes. This was embarrassing! Where is the energy, where is the rhythm and why did I fall asleep? I see that some people think that the last 15 minutes are good and that the fight scenes are great. What the hell is the matter with these people?

Towards the end of the movie, I actually didn’t remember what the movie was about. It was a villain who had contact with Satan or something, and he possessed people and then he sacrificed people after they did something wrong. And he was the one behind the murder of the protagonist’s father, I think? And the protagonist doesn’t like God, because God is always so passive. I think that was the story. I remember very little of what happened when I was distracted by the bad last half hour of the movie. I was paralyzed by how bad the movie turned out to be. I think I lost some brain cells along the way. I feel way stupider now after watching the movie.

The protagonist is not well written. After his father died, the movie jumps 20 years forward in time and he’s a world champion in MMA. But if you think there will be a lot of fighting, then you are wrong! It’s only in the last 15 minutes of the movie that he starts to fight and what we see stinks! And this guy is a world champion in MMA? Don’t make me laugh! Watch how he moves! That’s not a fighter!

The only positive thing I have to say about the movie is that it visually looks good. But I had to turn around in my chair and look another way when the antagonist in the movie does evil things in his little evil cave that looks very cheap and childish. The whole room looks like an evil joke! Did they run out of money?

This is a weak demon movie with weak characters and a lousy script. One big problem is that I have never found demons intimidating. They are for me more funny than scary. And The Divine Fury doesn’t have any nerve-wracking scenes at all. It becomes more comical than dramatic because the script is pure trash!

Rating: 3/10

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