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In Our Prime (2022) – English Review

A student has problems with math, but then he discovers that the security guard who works for the school is a math genius. Can they help each other out and take the next step into the future? Or will their past hold them back? Fortsett å lese «In Our Prime (2022) – English Review»

Spiritwalker (2020) – English Review

A man wakes up, and he has amnesia. But every 12th hour, he switches bodies, and now he’s trying to find out the truth! Who is he? What happened to him? Fortsett å lese «Spiritwalker (2020) – English Review»

Håp aka Hope (2019) – English Review

A woman who has had lung cancer receives bad news when it turns out that the lung cancer that she thought was gone has traveled up to her brain, and the doctors don’t give her long to live. But she and her partner never lose hope. Fortsett å lese «Håp aka Hope (2019) – English Review»

Rewatch: Sex Is Zero (2002) – English Review

Students at a University are having fun. They party hard, but not all of them will be happy forever. Fortsett å lese «Rewatch: Sex Is Zero (2002) – English Review»

Maanaadu (2021) – English Review

A man is stuck in a time loop where he must stop a politician from getting killed by some bad people. Will he save the day? Fortsett å lese «Maanaadu (2021) – English Review»

Ninja III: The Domination (1984) – English Review

ninja 3 the domination

An evil ninja is out for revenge, and he possesses a woman, so he can kill the cops who killed him. And as we all know, only a ninja can kill a ninja. So there’s just one man who can stop the evil ninja, and that’s the ninja King himself, Sho Kosugi! Fortsett å lese «Ninja III: The Domination (1984) – English Review»