Krasue: Inhuman Kiss (2019) – English Review

A young woman has a problem. Every night, her head leaves her body and she hunts for meat. She has become a Krasue. Then one day some head hunters show up in the village and tell the villagers that they have been told that there is a Krasue in the small village. They say they are going to help the village get rid of this flying head. But is she really doing so much wrong? Fortsett å lese «Krasue: Inhuman Kiss (2019) – English Review»

The 9th Precinct (2019) – English Review

A policeman who can see ghosts begins to work for a secret agency where others have the same abilities as himself. This agency is primarily trying to help ghosts who haven’t found peace after they died. He becomes acquainted with a female journalist who tries to find her friend who has disappeared without a trace. And it turns out that there is an evil woman behind her disappearance. Now they must stop her because she is so evil! Fortsett å lese «The 9th Precinct (2019) – English Review»

I Saw the Devil (2010) – English Review

A serial killer kills a pregnant woman who turns out to be the fiancé of a trained agent with an amazing body. The agent decides to take revenge, a slow revenge in which he constantly tortures the serial killer and then releases him. How long will this game last? Fortsett å lese «I Saw the Devil (2010) – English Review»

The Captain (2019) – English Review

During a flight, things go wrong and one of the windshields shatters in the cockpit. The passenger plane has major problems, and on board there are over 100 passengers. Then it’s up to the brave captain to save the day. Fortsett å lese «The Captain (2019) – English Review»

Parasite (2019) – English Review

A family who doesn’t have a lot of money or opportunities in life, starts working for a wealthy family. But will this change the life of the poor family? Fortsett å lese «Parasite (2019) – English Review»

Her Love Boils Bathwater (2016) – English Review

A woman who lives with her daughter is dying. She contacts her ex-husband so he can raise their daughter when she dies. But when he shows up he has his younger daughter with him. Her mother has left both of them, and now the dying woman is stuck with two young girls and a hopeless, stupid man. But she still has hope and belief that this will work out when she leaves them and takes the trip up to heaven. Fortsett å lese «Her Love Boils Bathwater (2016) – English Review»

Before the Coffe Gets Cold (2018) – English Review

There’s something very special about a small café. If the guest sits down in a special place and is served hot coffee, they can travel back in time, but they cannot change the past. But they can say goodbye to those who stood them close. The main thing is that the coffee can not get cold, because then things will go wrong for the person who has traveled back to the past. Fortsett å lese «Before the Coffe Gets Cold (2018) – English Review»

Our Town (2007) – English Review


A serial killer is terrorizing the city, and a policeman suspects the city has two serial killers running around killing people. The problem is that he suspects his best friend of being one of the serial killers. Fortsett å lese «Our Town (2007) – English Review»

Exit (2019) – English Review

A man who enjoys climbing is at a party with his family. But then a bad man shows up in the center of the city and he releases a toxic gas that fills up the city and many people die. The protagonist, his family, and his friends are trapped inside a large building and now they must try to survive until help arrives. Fortsett å lese «Exit (2019) – English Review»