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Men (2022) – English Review

A woman rents a house in the countryside after her husband committed suicide. But after finding a tunnel when she’s out taking a walk, a naked man starts stalking her. Who is this man, and why are the men in the village so weird? And why do they all look the same? Fortsett å lese «Men (2022) – English Review»

King of Comedy (1999) – English Review

A man will do anything to become an actor, but everything he does goes wrong. One day he meets a club hostess who will change his life forever. Fortsett å lese «King of Comedy (1999) – English Review»

Pipeline (2021) – English Review

A rich and dangerous man who wants to steal a lot of oil that flows through a pipeline under the ground hires a group of criminals. The leader of the group is an expert at stealing oil from pipelines, but can he trust anyone around him? Greed is something you can’t trust. Fortsett å lese «Pipeline (2021) – English Review»

Baby Assassins (2021) – English Review

Two girls who are assassins try to combine killing people and living a normal life as roommates and getting part-time jobs. But then they get the yakuza after them, but the stupid yakuza family doesn’t know who they are dealing with. Fortsett å lese «Baby Assassins (2021) – English Review»

Yes, Madam (1985) – English Review

Some bad guys want a microfilm that some thieves have in their possession. And on their tails, we find two cops who are women. One of them rocks some ugly yellow socks, and she has been too much out in the sun. The other one has bought her clothes in Germany, and she should spend more time out in the sun. Fortsett å lese «Yes, Madam (1985) – English Review»