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Mother (2009) – English Review


A young woman is found killed, and the police suspect that there’s a mentally challenged man who’s the perpetrator. He lives with his mother, and they have a slightly dark past together. The mother will do anything she can to free her son. Because she’s sure that he didn’t kill the young woman. Continue reading “Mother (2009) – English Review”

My Name (2021) – English Review

A woman is out for revenge after her father was killed. A close friend of her deceased father is a powerful gangster, and he and her father were best friends. She starts working for this gangster, and he tells her that a cop killed her father. After some years, she joins the police to find her father’s killer. Continue reading “My Name (2021) – English Review”

The Man Standing Next (2020) – English Review

One of the president’s closest men doesn’t like what he sees when the president is under great pressure and makes choices that are not best for the nation. The Americans want the president replaced, so now it’s up to this man to have the President removed from his position. Continue reading “The Man Standing Next (2020) – English Review”

Peninsula (2020) – English Review

South Korea has lost the battle against the zombies, so those who survived have fled to other countries. But some people are searching for a truck that contains a large sum of money. A small group travels from Hong Kong to South Korea to find this truck. But not everyone will come back alive! Continue reading “Peninsula (2020) – English Review”

Door Lock (2018) – English Review

A woman who lives alone feels that she’s not alone in the apartment. And that’s right because at night she gets company. Who’s this person who’s stalking her, and why is no one listening to her when she tells the police she’s feeling that someone dangerous is stalking her? Why can’t they listen to her? Why? Continue reading “Door Lock (2018) – English Review”

The Moon (2023) – English Review

Don’t send Koreans to the moon. There is a chance they will need help from the evil Westerners, but NASA is not stretching out their hand. So we need social media to help the trapped Korean astronaut who is stuck on the moon. Continue reading “The Moon (2023) – English Review”