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In Our Prime (2022) – English Review

A student has problems with math, but then he discovers that the security guard who works for the school is a math genius. Can they help each other out and take the next step into the future? Or will their past hold them back? Fortsett å lese «In Our Prime (2022) – English Review»

Spiritwalker (2020) – English Review

A man wakes up, and he has amnesia. But every 12th hour, he switches bodies, and now he’s trying to find out the truth! Who is he? What happened to him? Fortsett å lese «Spiritwalker (2020) – English Review»

Rewatch: Sex Is Zero (2002) – English Review

Students at a University are having fun. They party hard, but not all of them will be happy forever. Fortsett å lese «Rewatch: Sex Is Zero (2002) – English Review»

Midnight (2021) – English Review

A serial killer is out hunting, and he randomly picks out his victims. This time a deaf young woman and her mother are the lucky ones he has picked out. But they won’t go down without a fight! Fortsett å lese «Midnight (2021) – English Review»

Sinkhole (2021) – English Review

An apartment building is swallowed by a sinkhole, and the residents are trapped several hundred meters under the ground. Will they survive? Fortsett å lese «Sinkhole (2021) – English Review»

The Medium (2021) – English Review

We follow a woman who has been possessed by a good-natured spirit that only possesses women in her family. But something happened in the past, and she believes that the spirit she has in her wants to transfer itself to her niece’s body. Fortsett å lese «The Medium (2021) – English Review»

Escape from Mogadishu (2021) – English Review

People working at a South Korean and a North Korean Embassy must try to get out of Mogadishu when rebels are trying to take over the capital. So the South and North Koreans must forget that they are enemies. But will they manage to do that? Fortsett å lese «Escape from Mogadishu (2021) – English Review»

Ghost Mansion (2021) – English Review

A webtoon artist gets obsessed with an old apartment complex. It has a reputation of being haunted, and he meets a caretaker that tells him stories of some missing tenants. Fortsett å lese «Ghost Mansion (2021) – English Review»