Birthday (2019) – English Review

We follow a family of three who has lost their oldest son in a tragic ferry accident. His father has just returned to South Korea from Vietnam, where he worked. Now, a support group is trying to celebrate their son’s birthday, but the mother is not playing along as she is still in shock and morning. Fortsett å lese «Birthday (2019) – English Review»

Ashfall (2019) – English Review

A volcano is in the process of destroying all of Korea, and a scientist has a crazy idea where a group will try to blow up a mine near the volcano with some nuclear warheads. The problem is that they must do this in North Korea and close to the Chinese border! And they must also steal nuclear warheads from the North Koreans! What a mess! Fortsett å lese «Ashfall (2019) – English Review»

Ashfall (2019)

En vulkan er i ferd med å ødelegge hele Korea, og en forsker får en glup ide der en gruppe skal forsøke å sprenge vulkanen med noen atomstridshoder. Problemet er at dette må gjøres i Nord-Korea og på grensen mot Kina! Og de må også stjele atomstridshoder fra nordkoreanerne! For et kaos! Fortsett å lese «Ashfall (2019)»

The Beast (2019) – English Review

The police are hunting a serial killer, and two cops who are competing for the same job must cooperate. But one of them gets into trouble when a woman who has served a prison sentence visits him. Fortsett å lese «The Beast (2019) – English Review»

A Dirty Carnival (2006) – English Review

a dirty carnival

A gangster has serious financial problems. He must provide for his family, and he must also provide for his minions. He’s desperate, and he will do anything to earn some money. One day he gets an offer he can’t say no to. Fortsett å lese «A Dirty Carnival (2006) – English Review»

The Spy Gone North (2018) – English Review

A South Korean spy is trying to find out if the North Koreans have an active nuclear program that could threaten the safety of South Korea. So he tries to infiltrate the inner circle of the handsome Kim Jong-il. Fortsett å lese «The Spy Gone North (2018) – English Review»