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The Childe (2023) – English Review

A half-Korean-Filipino boxer needs money for an operation that his mother requires. It doesn’t look good, but then he finds out that his father is a very rich man living in South Korea. He takes the trip over to South Korea, but what he was expecting is not what he gets. Who is that smiling guy who keeps following him around? And he isn’t the only one who wants a piece of the protagonist. Why does everyone hate him? Continue reading “The Childe (2023) – English Review”

The Piper (2015) – English Review

A man with his young son arrives in a small village that is plagued by rats. He makes a deal with the villagers that if he gets rid of the rats, they will pay him. And he needs the money because his son is ill. But when it’s time to pay the man after the work is done, they refuse to pay him. Now he will play some sour notes to teach them a lesson that they don’t fuck with a man with a flute! Continue reading “The Piper (2015) – English Review”