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Target (2023) aka Don’t Buy the Seller – English Review

A woman buys a used washing machine, but it doesn’t work when she tries to use it. She leaves negative feedback and warns people not to buy items from this seller. Then her nightmare begins because the seller is a crazy serial killer, and he hates dissatisfied buyers. She will not get away with smearing his good reputation. She is done for!

“Target,” aka “Don’t Buy the Seller,” is an entertaining and silly movie that I enjoyed. You just have to accept that the plot is pretty absurd, but the movie has a lot of fun scenes when the serial killer starts harassing the protagonist who bought the defective washing machine from him.

The serial killer is a guy you will love. He kills people so that he can sell their stuff and earn money. It’s a brilliant idea; the man should work on Wall Street!

He is also a funny man when he orders a lot of food to her apartment, and the dessert is when he sends men who want to have a one-night stand to her apartment. They are aggressive, especially the first one who is about to burst. He is an angry and sticky man who isn’t easy to get rid of. “Hey woman, give me some love tonight!”

The woman gets help from a cop who is pretty useless and stupid. The plot is, as mentioned, stupid and beyond belief, so this useless character fits right in when he tries to protect the protagonist from the serial killer.

But what happens towards the end is hard to swallow. The cops are not interested, or they don’t have the resources to investigate the case, so the cop is a lone wolf and a pretty bad one too. He is not Chuck Norris!

If you like South Korean serial killer movies, “Target,” aka “Don’t Buy the Seller,” is a movie you should watch. It’s a silly movie where the serial killer is almost untouchable, and the police are incompetent and few. But the dark humor works perfectly, and time flies fast when you are watching the movie.

Rating: 7/10

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