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Watcher (2022) – English Review

Who is watching her?

A woman moves to Romania with her boyfriend, and she isn’t happy for long. She’s convinced that a man is stalking her, and there is a serial killer in town killing young women. So she suspects that this man can be the feared serial killer. Is she right, or is she going insane? Maybe she is the serial killer?

If you like slow and sterile thrillers, then Watcher isn’t a bad choice if you want to watch a thriller where a woman is acting paranoid.

But if you hate cheap endings that destroy the whole movie in one minute, then you should skip this movie. I enjoyed the movie until the last minute when the movie chickens out, and the ending doesn’t work at all. It’s one of the worst and cheapest endings I’ve ever experienced!

Watcher is a slow-burning and quiet movie that builds up the atmosphere and the few characters it has. The protagonist is living in an apartment with her boyfriend, and on the other side of the road, there’s a building where a man stands in the shadow and watches her almost every night from his window. So she tries to convince her boyfriend and the police that there’s something wrong with that man. And not far away, a serial killer has killed a woman.

Maika Monroe is solid, and in my opinion it’s strange that she hasn’t been in the bigger movies after the fantastic It Follows (2014). She can portray a character in distress, and she delivers what you expect of her in Watcher. And you can’t find a better and creepy-looking man than Burn Gorman. He’s the king of creepy guys!

I would easily recommend this movie hadn’t it been for the last, cheap minute that destroys a solid thriller. So it’s best to turn off the movie when you feel that this is the proper ending. You should know when that time comes if you are a movie lover.

Rating: 6/10

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