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Our Town (2007) – English Review


A serial killer is terrorizing the city, and a policeman suspects the city has two serial killers running around killing people. The problem is that he suspects his best friend of being one of the serial killers.

No one is better than the South Koreans in making dark serial killer movies. Our Town is dark, but it turns out that this is not a generic serial killer movie.

Little by little, we get to see what happened in the author’s past. What he doesn’t even know is that he is to blame for what is happening in the city. But he seems to have forgotten many things from his dark past. But towards the end of the movie, we get to see his forgotten memories. And the explanation of what is going on in the present worked for me. I thought it was interesting and at the same time very sad.

Our Town is a very dark movie and it managed to keep my interest up. I wanted to know what kind of connection there was between the author and the serial killer. If they had worked a bit more with the script and the story behind the killings, this could have been a fantastic movie. The story works partially, but I missed more layers and depth.

Our Town is a movie I would recommend to those who like dark serial killer movies. But it’s a very cold and sterile movie where you join the journey without caring too much about the characters.

It’s the journey and the search for answers that are the best thing about the movie. I liked the explanation of what happened in the past of the serial killer, and what the incident was that made him a cold-blooded serial killer.

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