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The Witch: Part 1 – The Subverison (2018) – English Review

A little girl escapes from someone who wants to kill her. She’s found by a married couple who takes her into their home and raises her as if she were their own daughter. But the past is not done with her. Because after about 10 years some evil people show up in town and now they know where she’s living. Who is she? Is she good or evil?

After what I have read, this is going to be a trilogy. This is a South Korean movie that spits on similar Hollywood movies aimed at teenagers. Imagine a violent and dark version of the super-polished teen movies that have been made in Hollywood over the past decade. It’s like comparing Stranger Things to the German TV series Dark.

The movie holds back information about the young girl in the movie. We get to see brief glances from the past when she escaped from a massacre, and the movie spends a lot of time telling us what happened in her past, who she is and whether she is good or evil.

The movie is violent when there’s time for action. I don’t want to reveal too much, but this is not a movie about witches. I was fooled by the title, and I’m probably not the only one.

I’d rather say this felt more like a vampire movie, which it isn’t either. And then there is only one thing left, and the answer to the riddle became a little disappointing in my eyes. But okay, at least the movie is entertaining in the second half. Before that, the movie builds up the few characters that it has, and it doesn’t do that well. Most of the characters haven’t much personality to talk about. They are very one-dimensional.

There’s not much happening here considering the runtime is around 125 minutes. But the last 45 minutes have energy during the action scenes, and I felt like I was watching a vampire movie when the central characters loosen up and start kicking ass.

I also liked the ending with the protagonist, I don’t want to reveal more than that. But at least I wanted to follow her along her journey because I don’t quite know where I got her, which makes her interesting as a character.

Rating: 6/10

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