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Deliver Us from Evil (2020) – English Review

A hitman has to travel to Thailand when his ex-girlfriend has been killed. Someone has also kidnapped her young daughter. But not far behind him, the hitman has a man that has the nickname, the Butcher, after him. He’s seeking revenge after the hitman killed his brother.

Deliver Us from Evil is an excellent action movie when there is action on the screen. But the characters should have been written better, and the same goes for the story. The two leading actors deserve a better script because they get little to work with.

Even though the action scenes are fantastic, there are too few action scenes. The movie spends too much time on generic storytelling about a hitman who gets a surprise from the past he didn’t know about. It’s not very exciting, and you understand early on that the story will be very similar to the story in Man on Fire and Taken.

The action choreography is beautiful. It’s easy to keep track of what’s going on when dozens of people are killed, and I love the scenes in slow motion. But it’s such a shame that there are so few of them.

You notice the director has written the scripts for The Chaser and The Yellow Sea. Especially The Yellow Sea, with the action scenes and the close combat scenes we see in Deliver Us from Evil. If you liked the action choreography in The Yellow Sea, you will also like the action scenes in Deliver Us from Evil.

Deliver Us from Evil offers no surprises. The movie is very predictable, although I was surprised by the disappointing ending. The showdown between the protagonist and the antagonist also disappointed me. I didn’t feel that we got the ending we as viewers, and some characters deserved. The air goes completely out of the balloon when we see the last scene. It felt pointless, and I cried inside. What a terrible ending!

The action scenes are brilliant, but the story is very generic, and the ending is very weak.

Rating: 6/10

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