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The Bridge Curse (2020) – English Review

A group of students is playing with fire when they decide to test out a ghost legend where a girl became very sad and drowned herself in the lake. And now she is haunting this area. It’s said that if you go up the stairs to the bridge at midnight, an extra step will appear. And you better not turn your head and look behind you, because there can be a ghost behind you! Is this just nonsense, or is it true?

This was just a waste of time. The Bridge Curse is a generic horror movie that has no interesting characters. They all feel very similar. None of the characters or actors stand out. They feel just empty.

We can divide the movie into two halves. The first half is tedious, but in the second half, something more happens. But is it engaging? No, it’s not! Why should it be with these boring characters? The characters we follow only feel like empty cardboard characters, so there’s no reason to care about them. Why should we care about some cardboard characters with no personality? Why?

Movies like The Bridge Curse should never have been made. This is a lazy and uninspiring movie that wants to empty the pockets of especially teenagers who are afraid of their own shadow. But the movie is not scary. It has no intense scenes and your pulse shouldn’t increase if you are not 12 years old and pee in your pants when someone sneezes.

The Bridge Curse is just a generic horror movie that has no soul. It’s shit, pure and simple!

Rating: 1/10

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