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A Quiet Place Part II (2020) – English Review

The family of four has to move on after the events we saw in the first movie. It doesn’t take long before they meet another person. And can the smart daughter save the human race with her discovery?

I wasn’t the biggest fan of the first movie. The alien creatures disappointed me, they didn’t work for me. And they also don’t work in the sequel, where they show up a lot in daylight.

The script is rubbish. This is a sequel that isn’t made with the heart at all. This is an empty horror movie without suspense. Why should we care about these boring and empty characters? The characters can’t be more boring and empty. It felt like I was watching the world’s emptiest episode of The Walking Dead.

A movie like this is supposed to build up the tension around the family who have to fight the scary creatures, so that we can care about them. But they never invite us in. This goes for all the characters we meet in the sequel.

The movie feels very cold, and where in the world is the suspense? Everything you see and experience is generic nonsense that I have seen hundreds of times! This isn’t a horror movie! This is a joke! It’s a movie for nervous kids who wears glasses! And you know I don’t like kids with glasses! And I have no problem punching kids with glasses. And no, I don’t allow them to take off their glasses when I punch them right in the face. The glasses stay on, son!

Of course, the family is drained and sad after what happened in the first movie. But still, some of them are so fucking stupid! Especially the son, who someone should drown in a bucket of water! I hated that stupid idiot! And he cries like a girl!

The movie introduces a new character played by Cillian Murphy. I wanted to throw up when he told his sad story! This is just generic piss from start to finish. And his journey is completely wasted because he isn’t interesting to follow. So just die, sad, old man! Die!

And then we have the alien creatures. In the beginning, we see that they fall from the sky, which isn’t exciting. The alien creatures are not scary! They’re just annoying, and I don’t want to know where they come from. Summon the soldiers from Starship Troopers, and we’ll get rid of these annoying bastards from space! They just look ridiculous. Talk about lacking creativity when creating these silly creatures. Nothing is as scary as CGI monsters! Seriously, how can people find these creatures scary? Tremors, which is a comedy-horror, is much scarier and more intense than A Quiet Place Part II.

We live in a sad state when these movies are regarded to be some of the best horror movies that have come out in the last three years. I know the world is crazy, but come on! Maybe I’m dead and I’m in hell? Something is wrong here!

Rating: 3/10

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