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Incantation (2022) – English Review

A woman tries to save her daughter from a curse she can’t get rid of.

Incantation is a Taiwanese horror movie where we follow a bunch of stupid characters that make stupid decisions all the time. They don’t listen to the warnings they get. They are obnoxious and stupid.

The protagonist and her friends are making a video about a ritual, and they break every rule that is given to them. So after giving birth to a daughter, she must try to lift the curse and all that used-up nonsense. Can she save her stupid daughter?

This is a long and boring movie that tries too hard to be scary. I almost had to shut off the movie after 30 minutes. I began talking to myself, and I had big problems locking my eyes on the screen. My brain screamed for help!

The script is pure trash. The editing is a mess, and the actors are bad. Then we have the usual not-scary girl who tries to look serious and a little evil. Come on! This feels like going back 20 years in time! Come up with something new!

I was, in fact, smiling over how pure trash this movie is. It’s a horror movie that has nothing to tell, and the suspense it tries to create feels forced. It tries so hard to be scary, and it fails so hard with an unengaging plot, weak characters, and bad acting.

There’s no suspense here, and I hated the stupid and boring characters. They never give us any reason to care about them. I didn’t give a flying fish about the stupid, little girl. I hate child actors who try to look evil in an unnatural way. And the relationship between the protagonist and the daughter is dead in the water from the start since the protagonist is so stupid! The movie tries to manipulate the viewers with their dead-in-the-water relationship. She doesn’t have a working brain, and the perverted daddy character is a f-ing joke! Don’t leave a child alone with this man! The child will never be the same again! Who came up with these useless characters?

The ending gave me at least a good laugh with the stupid evil entity. Who came up with this nonsense? This is one of the worst horror movies I have seen in a long time. What a waste of time. There’s no talent here. Watch The Medium (2021) instead of this turd of a horror movie.

Rating: 1/10

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