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Memory (2022) – English Review

Oh no! It’s Liam Neeson, AGAIN!

A hitman with Alzheimer’s disease has had enough when someone kills a girl he was supposed to kill. But he’s a gentleman. He doesn’t kill kids, so he spared her life. Now he’s a man on a mission, and it turns out he plays a dangerous game with a rich woman who’s trying to protect her perverted son. So he must try to find some evidence that can connect her and her perverted son to the death of the young girl.

I’m so sick and tired of Liam Neeson and his movies. He plays the same dead character in every movie now, and the movies he’s appearing in are getting worse and worse. 

It’s Martin Campbell who has directed Memory, and besides Liam Neeson, we find Guy Pearce, who’s an excellent actor. It’s sad to see him in movies like Memory, but the man has bills to pay.

You can feel it’s Martin Campbell who has directed the movie. It’s a gritty movie that leaves behind a lot of dead bodies. Liam Neeson is on autopilot. He’s not even trying to bring something new to the table. So with a half-dead protagonist, it’s difficult to get excited when watching the movie.

The story is poor, and the antagonist is pretty weak. Monica Bellucci plays the antagonist, and she doesn’t get much to work with. She has a perverted son who likes young girls, and you should know the rest.

There’s nothing new to see in this gritty and lifeless movie. The movie has some quality actors, but the script is so generic, and the plot won’t make your heart race. This is a dead movie experience with boring, generic characters.

Rating: 4/10

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