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So Close (2002) – English Review

We follow two sisters who work as assassins. Well, one of them is the killer, while the other one sits in front of the computer, and she is smoking HOT!! After their last mission, trouble will come knocking on their door. A female cop, who believes she is a man, is aggressive and on their tail, and an evil man wants them dead. Continue reading “So Close (2002) – English Review”

The Moon (2023) – English Review

Don’t send Koreans to the moon. There is a chance they will need help from the evil Westerners, but NASA is not stretching out their hand. So we need social media to help the trapped Korean astronaut who is stuck on the moon. Continue reading “The Moon (2023) – English Review”

Target (2023) aka Don’t Buy the Seller – English Review

A woman buys a used washing machine, but it doesn’t work when she tries to use it. She leaves negative feedback and warns people not to buy items from this seller. Then her nightmare begins because the seller is a crazy serial killer, and he hates dissatisfied buyers. She will not get away with smearing his good reputation. She is done for! Continue reading “Target (2023) aka Don’t Buy the Seller – English Review”

So Long, My Son (2019) – English Review

We follow a married couple who experience good and bad things over several decades. The worst thing they experience is losing their son in a drowning accident. That deprives them of living a normal life, because the government won’t allow them to be happy. But they stand tall, even though they have received several hard blows in the stomach. Continue reading “So Long, My Son (2019) – English Review”

Devils (2023) – English Review

A cop has been chasing a serial killer, but then both he and the serial killer just vanished. After a month, they both return, but something strange is going on because the serial killer tells a cop that he is the missing cop and that the serial killer has taken over his body. Drama! Continue reading “Devils (2023) – English Review”