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Trauma (2017) – English Review

A group of friends is attacked by a father and son while enjoying themselves outside the city. What do these disgusting people want, and what is wrong with them? Continue reading “Trauma (2017) – English Review”

The Five Devils (2022) – English Review

A girl with a special gift doesn’t like the woman who is staying in the house. She is the father’s sister, and the mother shares a past with this woman. Continue reading “The Five Devils (2022) – English Review”

Daughter of Darkness (1993): Full-length movie commentary and movie review in English

This is a movie commentary and movie review of Daughter of Darkness (1993). Continue reading “Daughter of Darkness (1993): Full-length movie commentary and movie review in English”

Missing (2021) – English Review

A girl is searching for her father. He was searching for a serial killer to get some reward money, but then one day he disappears. Did he find the serial killer, or did the serial killer find him? Let’s find out! Continue reading “Missing (2021) – English Review”

Venus (2022) – English Review

A woman steals a lot of drugs, and the bad guys want the drugs back. She hides in her sister’s apartment, who has a kid. The apartment building is almost empty, and few people live there. Why is that? That is the question, and we will get the answer. Continue reading “Venus (2022) – English Review”

The Dude in Me (2019) – English Review

A gangster and a teenage boy switch bodies after an accident. The gangster takes over the body of the teenage boy who’s in a coma. The gangster has to attend school, and a new adventure begins for the gangster trapped in a teenage body. Continue reading “The Dude in Me (2019) – English Review”