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The Black House (1999) – English Review

the black house

An insurance agent gets in trouble with a couple of crazy clients who will do anything to get some insurance money after their son committed suicide while the insurance agent was visiting them. Continue reading “The Black House (1999) – English Review”

Udaan (2010) – English Review

A teenage boy gets expelled from school, and he has to move in with his father. His father is a fierce and violent man who’s not willing to change. He hasn’t seen his father for many years. He also finds a surprise in his room when he moves back home. He finds a little boy who turns out to be his half-brother. The teenage boy wants to become a writer, but that’s just nonsense, his father tells him. You will not become a writer, you will become an engineer! Drama! Continue reading “Udaan (2010) – English Review”

Peninsula (2020) – English Review

South Korea has lost the battle against the zombies, so those who survived have fled to other countries. But some people are searching for a truck that contains a large sum of money. A small group travels from Hong Kong to South Korea to find this truck. But not everyone will come back alive! Continue reading “Peninsula (2020) – English Review”

All Night Long II (1995) – English Review

A young man is harassed, and he is forced to pay money to a sadistic gang led by a gay man who is in love with the man they are harassing. The young man meets a person on the Internet who can help him, and they agree to meet. Will he get help to take up the fight against the insane and sadistic gang? Continue reading “All Night Long II (1995) – English Review”

The Gigolo 2 (2016) – English Review

An unlucky woman needs money after her mother got sick. She’s a lazy woman, so she tries selling her lazy body to sleazy men. But she’s the worst prostitute ever, and then she meets the king of Gigolo’s, who’s going to teach her the art of making love. Continue reading “The Gigolo 2 (2016) – English Review”

There Is a Secret in My Soup (2001): Full-length movie commentary and movie review in English

This is a movie commentary and movie review of There Is a Secret in My Soup (2001). Continue reading “There Is a Secret in My Soup (2001): Full-length movie commentary and movie review in English”