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The Flu (2013) – English Review

the flu

A deadly virus outbreak is spreading rapidly in a major city in South Korea. We follow a firefighter who tries to help a mother and her young daughter when the authorities are about to lose control. The mother may have the solution to a cure since she is a doctor, but danger lurks everywhere, and people are dying like flies. Continue reading “The Flu (2013) – English Review”

Vagabond (2019) – English Review

After a plane crash in which every person on board dies, a man who had his nephew on the flight discovers that a man his nephew filmed on the plane is still alive. Together with a rookie NIS agent, they try to uncover the brutal truth. Continue reading “Vagabond (2019) – English Review”

Across the Furious Sea (2023) – English Review

The daughter of a Chinese man is found stabbed to death in Japan, and the father loses his mind as he’s out to get his hands on the daughter’s boyfriend whom he believes killed her. But the boyfriend’s mother is willing to protect him at all costs. The chase is on! Continue reading “Across the Furious Sea (2023) – English Review”

The Pig, the Snake and the Pigeon (2023) – English Review

A gangster who doesn’t have long to live sets out on a journey to kill two criminals who are more wanted than he is. He wants to climb the throne to be number one among the most wanted criminals in the country. Continue reading “The Pig, the Snake and the Pigeon (2023) – English Review”

Chasing (2016) – English Review

Two former friends have to work together one night. One of them is a successful criminal, while the other is a cop. Some students have stolen a cellphone belonging to the gangster. They have also stolen the gun from the cop. Will this night make the two former friends bond again? Continue reading “Chasing (2016) – English Review”

Crash Landing on You (2019) – English Review

Will she return home? Continue reading “Crash Landing on You (2019) – English Review”