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Door Lock (2018) – English Review

A woman who lives alone feels that she’s not alone in the apartment. And that’s right because at night she gets company. Who’s this person who’s stalking her, and why is no one listening to her when she tells the police she’s feeling that someone dangerous is stalking her? Why can’t they listen to her? Why? Continue reading “Door Lock (2018) – English Review”

Demon Pond (1979) – English Review

A man from Tokyo finds his missing friend in a village plagued by drought. There is a legend about a pond called Demon’s Pond, and the missing friend rings a bell several times a day to prevent the village from being flooded with water. Is this true, or is the man crazy? Continue reading “Demon Pond (1979) – English Review”

Bleeder (1999) – English Review

We follow a group of friends living in Denmark. Two of them run a video store, while the two others have a connection where one of them is together with a woman who is pregnant, and the other guy is her brother. But the man who’s about to be a father has anger issues, and that will create problems for himself and his friends. Continue reading “Bleeder (1999) – English Review”

Angels Wear White (2017) – English Review

Two girls who are 12 years old are raped by a powerful man. And they are going to find out that the world they live in is cold and brutal where everyone thinks only of themselves and theirs. A lawyer tries to help them, but it’s not an easy job when most people she meets are self-absorbed and corrupt. Continue reading “Angels Wear White (2017) – English Review”

Waterboys (2001) – English Review


Five students start learning synchronized swimming at school, and they will perform at a school festival. But the road is full of obstacles, and most of the students laugh at them, and they don’t take them seriously. Continue reading “Waterboys (2001) – English Review”

Game Review: Death Stranding (2019) – English Review

In this game, you play as a delivery man who has to reconnect America again and find out what’s going on with his strange sister before the earth is destroyed. You also have to take a shower with Guillermo del Toro. Continue reading “Game Review: Death Stranding (2019) – English Review”

Sun and Concrete (2023) – English Review

A group of friends living in a poor and rough neighborhood ends up in trouble after a fight where one of them must pay a gang member money that he doesn’t have. So now, the group of friends must try to get hold of the money, and that means they have to do something illegal, which will cause them more problems. Will their bad luck soon turn around, or are they doomed? Continue reading “Sun and Concrete (2023) – English Review”

Snake Eyes (2021) – English Review

A boy who has now turned into a man is out for revenge. Someone killed his dad right in front of his eyes. This leads him to Japan, and there he will be trained by a ninja clan. Will he use what he learns to find and kill the man who killed his father, or will he let his anger vanish? Continue reading “Snake Eyes (2021) – English Review”