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Okja (2017) – English Review

The world needs more food, and ten special piglets will live with selected people. After 10 years, they will select a winner. 10 years have passed, and a winner is picked out. The winner is a giant pig who has lived with a South Korean girl. She has a special relationship with this giant pig, and she doesn’t know that when 10 years have passed, the giant pig will return home to its original owner. Now a new world opens up, and she’s determined to get her giant pig back again! Continue reading “Okja (2017) – English Review”

The Childe (2023) – English Review

A half-Korean-Filipino boxer needs money for an operation that his mother requires. It doesn’t look good, but then he finds out that his father is a very rich man living in South Korea. He takes the trip over to South Korea, but what he was expecting is not what he gets. Who is that smiling guy who keeps following him around? And he isn’t the only one who wants a piece of the protagonist. Why does everyone hate him? Continue reading “The Childe (2023) – English Review”

The Empty Man (2020) – English Review

A former cop investigates the disappearance of a young woman who’s the daughter of a friend of his. This leads him to the scary man that goes under the name, The Empty Man. Does he exist? Continue reading “The Empty Man (2020) – English Review”

The Night House (2020) – English Review

Out of nowhere, a man commits suicide. His wife is in shock. But strange things happen in the house, and she senses that her husband is still around. So she starts digging into his past, and things get more complicated. Continue reading “The Night House (2020) – English Review”

28 Days Later (2002) – English Review

A man wakes up alone in a hospital after an accident. He doesn’t understand what is going on, but it doesn’t take long before he meets some angry persons who are out to kill him. It turns out that it has been a virus outbreak that turns people into furious maniacs. Now he must try to stay alive as long as possible and hope that he meets some other survivors. Continue reading “28 Days Later (2002) – English Review”

Nightmare Alley (2021) – English Review

A man learns how to con desperate people, but then he meets a psychologist who’s smarter than he is. Continue reading “Nightmare Alley (2021) – English Review”

Savage (2018) – English Review

Three men rob a security truck that’s transporting gold bars. One year has passed, and the robbers are back again to move the gold bars before a blizzard arrives. But a cop who saw his partner get killed by these three men is close by, and he will do anything to catch them! Continue reading “Savage (2018) – English Review”