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Ninja III: The Domination (1984) – English Review

ninja 3 the domination

An evil ninja is out for revenge, and he possesses a woman, so he can kill the cops who killed him. And as we all know, only a ninja can kill a ninja. So there’s just one man who can stop the evil ninja, and that’s the ninja King himself, Sho Kosugi! Fortsett å lese «Ninja III: The Domination (1984) – English Review»

Concrete (2004): Full-length movie commentary and movie review in English

This is a full-length movie commentary and review of Concrete (2004). Fortsett å lese «Concrete (2004): Full-length movie commentary and movie review in English»

Enter the Fat Dragon (2020) – English Review

Donnie Yen tries to be Sammo Hung, but he’s cheating! Fortsett å lese «Enter the Fat Dragon (2020) – English Review»

Opera (1987) – English Review

A hot opera singer is terrorized by a crazy person who kills people close to her, and he makes her watch when he kills someone. Can someone stop the crazy person? Fortsett å lese «Opera (1987) – English Review»

Midnight (2021) – English Review

A serial killer is out hunting, and he randomly picks out his victims. This time a deaf young woman and her mother are the lucky ones he has picked out. But they won’t go down without a fight! Fortsett å lese «Midnight (2021) – English Review»