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Hunger (2023) – English Review

A woman starts working for a master chef. She is an ordinary woman who comes from an ordinary home, and she has been working for her family’s restaurant most of her life. What will she learn from this chef? Continue reading “Hunger (2023) – English Review”

Sakra (2023) – English Review

A man is accused of killing someone in his sect, but he didn’t do it. Now he must find out who the real killer is while also uncovering his mysterious past. Unfortunately, every time he arrives at a new location to gather clues, he’s accused of more murders. He’s truly an unlucky man! Continue reading “Sakra (2023) – English Review”

There Is a Secret in My Soup (2001) – English Review

A prostitute who steals money from an angry pimp is held captive for a month before she dies. Continue reading “There Is a Secret in My Soup (2001) – English Review”

Blood 13 (2018) – English Review

The police are hunting a serial killer. An elderly police officer is sure that he knows who the serial killer is. He’s been chasing him for many years. But proving it turns out to be difficult. The police officers investigating the case aren’t the sharpest knives in the drawer! Continue reading “Blood 13 (2018) – English Review”

Moloch (2022) – English Review

We follow a woman who has a daughter and who lives with her parents. A curse runs in this family, and strange things happen when a man breaks into their home and attacks one of them. What is going on? Continue reading “Moloch (2022) – English Review”

True Romance (1993) – English Review

I mean look at her. It looks like she fell off the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down. Continue reading “True Romance (1993) – English Review”