The Bridge Curse (2020) – English Review

A group of students is playing with fire when they decide to test out a ghost legend where a girl became very sad and drowned herself in the lake. And now she is haunting this area. It’s said that if you go up the stairs to the bridge at midnight, an extra step will appear. And you better not turn your head and look behind you, because there can be a ghost behind you! Is this just nonsense, or is it true? Fortsett å lese «The Bridge Curse (2020) – English Review»

A Sun (2019) – English Review

A young man must spend some time in prison after he and his friend cut off another person’s hand. His father says that his youngest son is dead to him. The father has another son who has a bright future ahead of him. But the son who’s in jail is not done creating problems for the family when a young woman knocks on their door. Fortsett å lese «A Sun (2019) – English Review»

The 9th Precinct (2019) – English Review

A policeman who can see ghosts begins to work for a secret agency where others have the same abilities as himself. This agency is primarily trying to help ghosts who haven’t found peace after they died. He becomes acquainted with a female journalist who tries to find her friend who has disappeared without a trace. And it turns out that there is an evil woman behind her disappearance. Now they must stop her because she is so evil! Fortsett å lese «The 9th Precinct (2019) – English Review»