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Savage (2018) – English Review

Three men rob a security truck that’s transporting gold bars. One year has passed, and the robbers are back again to move the gold bars before a blizzard arrives. But a cop who saw his partner get killed by these three men is close by, and he will do anything to catch them! Continue reading “Savage (2018) – English Review”

The Soul (2021) – English Review

A woman is accused of killing her rich husband, but she tells the police that her stepson did it. A dying prosecutor who’s married to a cop tries to find out the truth. And the truth is complicated. Will he be able to solve the case before he dies? Continue reading “The Soul (2021) – English Review”

Dune (2021) – English Review

A young man embarks on a journey where he discovers himself and his powers on a dangerous planet. What will become of him? Continue reading “Dune (2021) – English Review”