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Savage (2018) – English Review

Three men rob a security truck that’s transporting gold bars. One year has passed, and the robbers are back again to move the gold bars before a blizzard arrives. But a cop who saw his partner get killed by these three men is close by, and he will do anything to catch them!

Savage surprised me. My expectations were low, but Savage is an entertaining movie. The plot is simple, and so are the very one-dimensional characters. But it doesn’t matter, as time never stands still. You feel the winter, and the cinematography is beautiful!

You feel that the characters are freezing. You feel the isolation, and you feel you’re in a man’s world, although there’s a cute woman here too who is a doctor. But besides her, this is a harsh world where men are men. And I’m talking about real men! They don’t use perfume or tight jeans! Some of them are greedy, while others are out for revenge and justice. There isn’t much of a story here, but it doesn’t matter when the movie entertains and engages from the first to the last second.

I also liked that the characters don’t talk much. Real men don’t have to say that much, and the director understands that. The movie has several shootouts, and the boss of the villains is brutal. He isn’t a person you can trust!

Fortunately, the Chinese propaganda is almost non-existent. There’s only a small line early in the movie that you can laugh at. After that scene, the characters keep their mouths shut, and you forget all the silly and pathetic Chinese propaganda that ruins so many movies. It’s so relaxing when the kids keep their mouths shut!

Savage can remind me of a western movie with little dialogue, a lot of snow, and hard men. Who’s not using perfume or tight jeans! Savage is a movie I can recommend if you enjoy simple movies without too much nonsense!

Rating: 7/10

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