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Dying to Survive (2018) – English Review

The wake-up call.

A man smuggles some cancer medicine from India to sell it cheaply to customers who can’t afford the expensive medicine sold in China. But the pharmaceutical company that’s producing the medicine and the pharmacies are not happy. So they are putting pressure on the authorities to put an end to this illegal sale.

Dying to Survive is based partly on true events. It’s nice that there are people like the protagonist in the movie who first seeks opportunities to earn some money to help other people. But fortunately, he sees the light, and he becomes a better and not so selfish man after some experiences that will follow him for the rest of his life.

This is a well-acted movie that does most things right with telling its story where we see people change. It’s not the deepest movie. We never get to know the central characters that much.

But it doesn’t matter as much as we all hate the evil pharmaceutical company and the police who are looking to do their job. Fortunately, one policeman also sees the light. He questions what he’s doing. Can he live with his choices? And along the way, he feels that this doesn’t feel right at all. It’s nice that there are people with conscience and honor left in our sick world!

The movie has energy and good flow. It offers some comedy and drama. We know that someone will die in the movie because there are many sick people here. And it makes us extra angry as viewers when especially one death feels so unfair. But that’s the way life is, heroes, die prematurely, assholes live far too long.

Rating: 7/10

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