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Bilocation (2013) – English Review


The creepy doppelgangers.

A woman discovers she has a doppelganger, and it turns out she’s not the only one. She joins a group that is trying to help each other against the creepy doppelgangers. They were created under special circumstances when the people in the group were upset or angry. And some of them are very dangerous. So how can they get rid of the doppelgangers that are destroying their lives?

Bilocation is a pretty good thriller, especially in the beginning. It has energy and a creepy atmosphere. I am especially thinking of the personality that the cop has created. This is a crazy man who will eventually kill someone. He’s the most dangerous doppelganger. He’s furious!

The atmosphere that Bilocation creates could remind me of the same atmosphere that Kiyoshi Kurosawa is known for. There are some excellent scenes here with a lot of tension. If you love Kiyoshi Kurosawa, watch this movie. Bilocation feels like a mix of his best movies and the fantastic horror movie, It Follows.

We see what happened in the character’s past and what created the doppelgangers. But there’s one character that’s hard to figure out. I’m talking about the mysterious teenager. Who is he? I didn’t understand who he was, even after my second viewing. That irritated me!

The movie has a lot of mystery. But towards the end, it turns into a drama movie. Some of the best and most entertaining personalities disappear, and we are left with a different type of movie than the one we started with. But I liked the message, and I loved the ending. Poor man!

There’s one scene that bothers me. Early in the movie, the movie explains the rules. So why don’t they use the mirror when one of them is fighting his doppelganger? That scene is stupid and irritating! Why didn’t they use the mirror? 

There’s another scene that’s also stupid. It’s the scene when the young man is being chased by his doppelganger. The doppelganger then turns into an action hero like John McClane. That scene took me out of the movie, just like the stupid scene when they don’t use the mirror to figure out who the doppelganger is. Bilocation is so good, and then it has to ruin the quality with these two stupid scenes.

Bilocation is a movie that feels like a breath of fresh air. It has borrowed some ideas from other movies, but it doesn’t feel like a generic movie. Just don’t expect a generic horror movie. This is a drama-thriller with a lot of mystery and trapped emotions that are let loose out in the world. And that creates problems for the people in the group that’s trying to survive. 


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