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Taish (2020) – English Review

Revenge gone wrong.

This is the review of the miniseries.

A man beats up a gangster at a nightclub, and the gangster is severely injured. What was the reason for the attack? The brother of the gangster is now seeking revenge. He doesn’t like his brother. They have an ongoing feud, but he’s still his brother, so he has to kill the man that hurt his brother. The man who beat up the gangster puts his life, and his friend’s lives in grave danger. He will regret beating up the gangster at the nightclub.

They have released Taish as a movie and miniseries. The movie is around 30 minutes shorter than the miniseries, so I think it’s best to watch the miniseries. But I’ve read that others prefer the movie.

What surprised me the most about Taish is that it feels like a British miniseries. It’s shot in Britain, so that’s interesting. Compared to other Indian movies I have watched lately, the actors are calmer. They feel more human and natural in Taish.

Taish is dark and gritty. The focus isn’t on gangster wars. The war is between one group of gangsters and a group of friends. The reason for that is because of something that happened in the past. In the first scene, one of the friends beats up a powerful gangster. But the group of friends, well, two of them are brothers I think, are just ordinary citizens. They aren’t gangsters. So they are playing with fire, and they will get burnt!

I liked the first four episodes. It feels more realistic in the first four episodes, but then Taish takes a route that I didn’t like. The problem is that the events we are witnessing are beyond belief. Where the hell are the cops? The gangsters can do everything they want to without getting in trouble. There are no cops in this universe except for when people have been killed. But the cops in Taish are invisible. It’s so unbelievable that the authorities don’t have the gangsters under surveillance. So the scriptwriting is very uneven.

Then we have a crucial scene at a nightclub. I thought the enemies came to an agreement, but then we see a stupid scene at the nightclub. What I liked about the first four episodes is washed away. I hate it when a scene like this feels forced. It’s created just to build up to the showdown.

The acting is good, and I enjoyed following the central characters. The series focuses on love and revenge. There’s one character that’s supposed to be a good guy. But this character is so stupid and hot-tempered. This is the usual character that can’t control his anger. Everything he does turns into shit, and he will put his family and friends in grave danger.

Taish is entertaining, and it has a lot of tension. But the wrap-up was disappointing.

Rating: 7/10

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