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Shorta aka Enforcement (2020) – English Review

They are trapped, and there’s no help in sight!

Two cops are trapped in a hostile neighborhood where angry immigrants are searching for them. The reason is that the police were too rough when they arrested an immigrant, which led to his death. Now many of the young people who live in this neighborhood have had enough, and they have started riots in this neighborhood.

Shorta is a slightly confusing movie that’s best in the first 80 minutes. But after that, Shorta takes a left turn and crashes into a wall with an ending that stinks!

We follow two cops who don’t like each other. One is a racist, while the other wants to do what’s right. He’s an angel. They arrest a young boy who they say threw a milkshake at their car. When they are about to transport him to the police station, they are attacked by a mob. The patrol car is destroyed. Now they are trying to keep a low profile to survive the day because there is no help in sight since their colleagues are a bunch of cowards.

Shorta has too much on its plate with a racist cop who wants his partner to be a team player since he witnessed the arrest, which went wrong and cost an immigrant his life. But first, they have to get out of the neighborhood alive, and they have in their custody a young boy who lives in this neighborhood. Will he create problems, or will he be a hero who saves the day?

Shorta is a movie that tries to tell us something about racism and prejudice. But it erases most of the message in the last minutes with an idiotic twist that in a way spits on the characters and the way they have been presented and built up.

The movie has a tense atmosphere when the cops sneak around in the neighborhood, and the actors are good. But the movie forgets what it started with that made the journey interesting and exciting. 

Suddenly it feels like you’re watching a Hollywood movie where things happen that you don’t believe would happen in reality. One can almost call Shorta a Danish John Carpenter movie, where many characters feel like generic movie characters without any character depth.

Rating: 6/10

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