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Intruder (2020) – English Review

A man is in mourning after his wife suddenly died. He has to take care of his daughter and parents. Suddenly he’s told that his sister has returned home, 25 years after she disappeared into thin air. But he’s pretty sure that she isn’t his sister. But who is she then, and what does she want if she isn’t his sister?

Intruder is not a good movie. It has the mystery for about 40 minutes, and although the characters and the universe are cold, I felt that the movie was able to engage me with the mystery surrounding the sister. But then it shows its real side. The plot gets stupid, and it doesn’t get better towards the end. The movie falls off the cliff, and it dies a brutal death.

What struck me when I watched Intruder was that it felt like a mix of Invasion of the Body Snatchers and Parasite. My first thought was that the sister was a member of a cult and that she hypnotizes people around her she needs to use. Did I guess right? That’s something you have to discover yourself.

The movie becomes very predictable. Is the protagonist mentally ill after his wife died, or is he telling the truth? The problem is that no one believes him, and that’s interesting. How can he convince the others that she’s not his sister?

But then Intruder becomes so stupid and predictable after 45 minutes that I felt like turning off the whole movie. The stupidity takes completely over the plot, and the suspense isn’t here when the universe is so sterile, predictable, and cold.

Intruder could have been a better movie with a better script. It holds on to the mystery for a while until two new and insignificant characters appear in the protagonist’s house. Then Intruder turns into a stupid and boring mess. And I got tired of the protagonist, who cries and howls that no one listens to him.

Rating: 4/10

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