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Midnight (2021) – English Review

A serial killer is out hunting, and he randomly picks out his victims. This time a deaf young woman and her mother are the lucky ones he has picked out. But they won’t go down without a fight!

If you love The Chaser (2008), then I’m certain you will enjoy Midnight. It’s nowhere as good as The Chaser, but the movie is entertaining, and it has a much lighter tone than The Chaser.

But if you are picky and care about the plot, this movie will give you a headache. There’s no logic here at all. The cops are useless and stupid. The serial killer is like a cartoon character, and he reminded me of Big Bad Wolf from The Three Little Pigs. There’s no character depth to find here. He’s just a maniac, and that’s all.

The first hour is entertaining, and I smiled several times. I just wish the movie could have used more of the clothes that the serial killer has in his possession. I first thought he sold clothes from his car. He just switches clothes one time. It would have been so fun if he changed clothes several times and that he played different characters. He could have used wigs and a fake beard. Like Bruce Lee did in Fist of Fury. You feel the movie wants to go there sometimes, but nothing else happens. So that was disappointing. But I loved the way he stalks and never let the protagonist and her mother out of his eyesight.

The cinematography is great, and the big highlight for me was the score that I loved. Especially under the foot chases. It’s so good and rhythmic.

I wasn’t a big fan of the last 25 minutes. The plot runs around in circles, and the plot becomes too predictable. Midnight isn’t as dark as The Chaser, so you feel that there aren’t many central characters that will be killed. The pace slows down, and the pulse decreases. So the third act is pretty boring and repetitive. This would have been an excellent movie with a runtime of 70 minutes.

Rating: 7/10

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