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Sinkhole (2021) – English Review

An apartment building is swallowed by a sinkhole, and the residents are trapped several hundred meters under the ground. Will they survive?

Sinkhole is a South Korean disaster comedy that was a box-office success in South Korea. This is an audience-friendly movie where you don’t feel that the central characters are in grave danger. Some of the characters die, but they are not a part of the main group, so you don’t care about the few people who die in this movie. Just die, and go to hell, you goofy movie characters!

The movie is pretty stupid, and the characters are goofy. They are trapped in the sinkhole, but the big sinkhole reminds me more of a huge mine. So the company who built the building just put the building over a big hole in the ground that’s several hundred meters deep! What the hell! So the building keeps them safe at the moment, but there’s a lot of water coming down, which isn’t good news for the people trapped down there. Just die, and go to hell, you goofy movie characters!

The most useless people are the people responsible for the rescue operation. They are as stupid as South Korean cops, and I’m not sure why they are there at all. They are just stupid, and they don’t know what to do at all. They are not even trying to save the goofy characters who are trapped inside the sinkhole. What a bunch of useless losers! Just die, and go to hell, you useless rescue people. Die!

The characters aren’t interesting. They are generic movie characters who have their strong and weak sides. But all of them are empty movie characters. They are just created so that the whole family can watch the movie together and spend some money at the cinema. I hate lazily written characters like the ones we follow in this movie! They feel so artificial and fake. And the melodrama is, of course, disgustingly bad. I puked several times during the runtime.

The only thing I liked was the last 15 minutes of the movie when the characters try to escape from the sinkhole, plus the guy trapped in the taxi in the middle part of the movie. These sequences are at least creative and fun. The rest of the movie isn’t entertaining. It’s a movie for a simple family that doesn’t demand much. It’s in the same street as Exit (2019), but Exit is more entertaining and has a better pace.

Rating: 3/10

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