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Pipeline (2021) – English Review

A rich and dangerous man who wants to steal a lot of oil that flows through a pipeline under the ground hires a group of criminals. The leader of the group is an expert at stealing oil from pipelines, but can he trust anyone around him? Greed is something you can’t trust.

It’s sort of interesting to see what happened to director Yoo Ha. He was one of the best movie directors in South Korea from 2004 to 2008, but after that, something happened. I don’t know what happened. So someone, tell me! Tell me now!

Pipeline is an action-comedy that tries to be charming with unsympathetic characters. The protagonist is the usual Korean d-bag, and so are the rest of the characters. The protagonist isn’t much better than the antagonist, so I felt indifferent about what would happen to the protagonist and his group of criminals. They can go and f themselves!

The plot is predictable from start to finish. The pace is okay. Even if the CGI is bad, you can feel that the flow of the movie is handled by a competent director. But the budget couldn’t have been that big with these actors and the bad CGI.

I didn’t like the actor who played the protagonist, Seo In-guk. He tended to overact in many of the most dramatic scenes, and he doesn’t have any charisma. Lee Soo-hyuk, who plays the antagonist, isn’t much better. None of the actors in Pipeline is any good. They don’t have any talent or charisma. They are worthless.

You can feel the charm in this movie, but it’s not because of the characters or the actors. It’s the way the director has paced the movie and the simple buildup of the universe. But in the end, this is a disappointing movie that offers no surprises. It never gives you any reason to root for the characters. They have almost zero personality, and they are not likable.

Rating: 4/10

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