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King of Comedy (1999) – English Review

A man will do anything to become an actor, but everything he does goes wrong. One day he meets a club hostess who will change his life forever.

The King of Comedy has always been one of my favorite movies with Stephen Chow. This is a romantic comedy, and Stephen Chow combines both genres superbly.

The movie offers some hilarious scenes that will have you rolling on the floor with laughter. The scene when Piu-Piu teaches one of her co-workers how to deal with ugly people is fantastic!

Or when the protagonist trains a young gangster who tries to extort some money. The snot scene is just disgusting. But the best scene is with the little overweight boy who’s walking around naked. The big highlight is shocking when Stephen Chow flicks the kid’s penis, and you see the little boy twitch. Poor little boy! Poor little penis! It’s kinky, but it’s so typical Stephen Chow humor. I just love the weird humor of Stephen Chow!

The actors are wonderful and do a brilliant job. Cecilia Cheung is the big highlight who plays Piu-Piu. She’s wonderful and so cute. She is rude but also very innocent. Cecilia Cheung and Stephen Chow have fantastic chemistry in The King of Comedy.

For people who haven’t seen so many Stephen Chow movies, this movie is not like Shaolin Soccer or Kung Fu Hustle. This is a pure comedy mixed with a cute love story that is the heart of the movie. There are some action scenes when they shoot a movie, and they poke fun at John Woo and his craziness.

The King of Comedy is one of the best movies Stephen Chow has directed and starred in. And a lot of the credit for that I have to give to Cecilia Cheung! She’s so wonderful in this movie!

Rating: 10/10

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