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God of Gamblers (1989) – English Review

god of gamblers

The King has hit his head!.

The king of gamblers hits his head. When he wakes up, he has become mildly retarded. Now he lives with three petty criminals who discover that he can help them make money. He hasn’t completely forgotten his gambling skills. But how long does it take before he regains his memory back? Just before he hit his head, he promised a man who’s out for revenge to play poker against another man! But then the God of gamblers must regain his memory back! Some are looking to exploit him, while others want his money and fuck his girlfriend! How will this end?

God of Gamblers offers a lot of madness and fun. Director Wong Jing is known for mixing genres. Some like it, others hate it. I appreciate this genre-mixing, which in a way characterizes the movies from Hong Kong in the 80s and early 90s. I always sit with a big smile when I watch movies from this period. I hardly believe what I see. It’s madness!

God of Gamblers is a great and wild entertainment movie where the always charismatic Chow Yun Fat steals the show. This man has so much charisma! I don’t know of any other actor who has the same charisma that Chow Yun Fat has on the screen. Even though I’m a man, I almost faint with a hard boner in my boxer when he comes walking in slow motion and eats up every single scene he’s in!

It’s not just gambling we get to see in God of Gamblers. It also offers drama, comedy, action, and necrophilia. Doesn’t that sound like an exciting mix? The villain says he wants to fuck a woman whether she is alive or dead. That’s a horny fucker! Give that man a prostitute! He surely needs one! Well, it seems like I need one too, so call for two prostitutes!

If you like a lot of madness and fun, then you must watch God of Gamblers. Chow Yun Fat is the king of retards. Forget Tom Hanks and Forrest Gump. If you want to be a retard with style and class, you should have the style and money of the gambling king, Ko Chun.

Rating: 8/10

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