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Project Gutenberg (2018) – English Review

A man is arrested because he’s been part of a group that has forged money. And now he has a story to tell.

Project Gutenberg is a decent movie about counterfeiters who bring with them chaos and many corpses to pick up just so they can make a living. We get to see some action scenes and some interesting scenes, but the big problem is that most of the characters in the movie lack substance. I didn’t emotionally feel much if any of the central characters were hurt or were in danger. Most of the characters in the movie are very monotonous.

Chow Yun Fat delivers a good role interpretation. It was nice to see the King of Charisma in a leading role again, and the man looks good considering his age.

Aaron Kwok never disappoints with his inappropriate and ugly hairstyle from hell. I don’t know what he was thinking, but congratulations, this is your ugliest hairstyle so far in your career! And he’s so annoying with his silly character. He plays an uncertain character, and his character is so boring and annoying. He’s insecure, he’s clumsy, and it’s hard to follow and take a character like this seriously.

Project Gutenberg has copied the ending from a very famous movie. That disappointed me as this only works once. But the movie is saved by a brilliant Chow Yun Fat that’s charming and cold.

Rating: 6/10

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