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A Chinese Torture Chamber Story II (1998) – English Review

Three poor people meet a man who’s trying to build a career in the city. He wants to work for the government. They become best friends. After a while, they travel to the city to meet him. And he helps them to find work. But he’s a man that can’t be trusted, and he gets excited when he can torture people. What’s wrong with him? Is he a pervert?

A Chinese Torture Chamber Story II is the opposite of the first movie, which was primarily a sex comedy with some wild scenes. The sequel is more dark and serious. It wants to tell a story of friendship, success and a bad past that has hurt a man who seems like a good man in the beginning.

There are of course some longer sex scenes in the movie. But the most disappointing part is the torture scenes which to me is the reason why I wanted to see the movie. The torture scenes are not much to brag about. It gets too dark, and the silly tone which the first movie had, is completely gone in the sequel.

The story is decent. It’s much better than the story we saw in the first movie. But it gets so boring after watching the first movie because this is a dark movie without much humor.

The entertainment value is much weaker in the sequel. As a viewer, you expect as much madness as you saw in the first movie. But it turns out that A Chinese Torture Chamber Story II is much darker and cruel than the first movie. The movie didn’t give me what I expected and what I was looking for, so this was a real letdown!

Rating: 2/10

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