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Erotic Ghost Story (1990) – English Review

Three sisters who are not human beings, I think they are fairies, fall for the same man. But it turns out he’s carrying a secret, and his secret isn’t pretty!

Erotic Ghost Story has stolen most of its story from The Witches of Eastwick. I thought this was going to be an erotic clone of A Chinese Ghost Story, which it’s not.

But this was a boring movie. The first hour burns slowly. The movie focuses too much on close-ups of female breasts, and we see very little nudity in the first hour. The sex scenes are tame. I’m always searching for crazy sex scenes that we saw in especially the first Sex and Zen movie and A Chinese Torture Chamber Story. If a movie can’t be as crazy as those two movies, it’s a fail in my perverted eyes. Then I fall asleep quickly!

But the sex scenes in Erotic Ghost Story are ordinary sex scenes, which are boring to watch. At least for a pervert like me. I want to see madness and creativity. I want to see something that can make me smile. The only scene that made me stretch my mouth a little was the scene with the three-headed demon. But the movie never goes further with this idea.

Erotic Ghost Story has a runtime of around 90 minutes. It takes an hour before we get to see something interesting. But the characters are so boring to follow. They talk, they flirt, and the reward is that we get to see some tame sex scenes that made me fall asleep.

No, this was a waste of time. I’ve got two movies left, but they’re not movies I’m looking forward to watching. Maybe one of them will surprise me? Time will tell.

Rating: 1/10

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