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A Chinese Torture Chamber Story (1994) – English Review

A married woman and a married man are accused of killing the woman’s husband. But they are innocent. During the trial, they are constantly tortured by the judge who must have a confession. It turns out he’s trying to protect someone close to him.

A Chinese Torture Chamber Story is a movie that offers a lot of sex, humor, and torture. It’s a movie that feels different from other movies, but that alone doesn’t make the movie good.

I remember watching the movie about 19 years ago, and it was a special experience. But when I watched it again so many years later, I got bored and regretted wasting my time on this nonsense. I’m not saying that the movie has no charm, because it has.

But I’ve never been a fan of movies that focuses on sex. I like torture, and there isn’t that much torture here. That didn’t sound good, but I like practical effects that can make me turn away from the screen. The torture in A Chinese Torture Chamber Story is mostly comical, and the movie doesn’t exactly focus on graphic scenes with close-ups of the injuries that have been done to the lucky ones.

There’s a lot of sex, and the best scene in the movie is with two people flying high in the air and having a little sword fight and then fucking like crazy. That scene is the big highlight of the movie, but my brain completely took a break when watching the movie for the second time. I just fast-forwarded a lot, because I have other things to spend my time on. I was just curious how my reaction would be after all these years. And I was so bored. This wasn’t as fun as I remembered it was when I watched it for the first time.

There’s one positive thing I have to say about the movie and the characters. You hope that the two innocent characters will survive, and you just wait and hope that the corrupt judge will get caught. You also wish to see the real perpetrators get their punishment. So the movie manages to engage a little, something I didn’t expect.

The only reason to watch A Chinese Torture Chamber Story is first and foremost that it feels different as a sex comedy and torture movie. Are you curious about the movie, watch it, because there aren’t many movies like this movie. But it’s not a movie you’re gonna watch again and again unless you are a horny pervert!

Rating: 4/10

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