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Chasing the Dragon (2017) – English Review

A gangster and a cop work together to make big money, but how long will they be in paradise? Continue reading “Chasing the Dragon (2017) – English Review”

Sex and Zen III (1998) – English Review

We follow a woman who is sold to a brothel where she meets two other whores who take her under their wings. But one of them becomes jealous of her when a man she likes falls for the new woman. And she has decided to take revenge one day. Continue reading “Sex and Zen III (1998) – English Review”

A Chinese Torture Chamber Story (1994) – English Review

A married woman and a married man are accused of killing the woman’s husband. But they are innocent. During the trial, they are constantly tortured by the judge who must have a confession. It turns out he’s trying to protect someone close to him. Continue reading “A Chinese Torture Chamber Story (1994) – English Review”