The Climbers (2019) – English Review

A Chinese Mountaineering Team tries to ascend Mount Everest from a side no one has done before. They manage to do it, but they have no proof that they did make it when they lost the camera on the way to the top. Many years after the first attempt, they are going to try to do it again. And now they will show the world how tough and heroic the Chinese are! Fortsett å lese «The Climbers (2019) – English Review»

The Captain (2019) – English Review

During a flight, things go wrong and one of the windshields shatters in the cockpit. The passenger plane has major problems, and on board there are over 100 passengers. Then it’s up to the brave captain to save the day. Fortsett å lese «The Captain (2019) – English Review»

The White Storm (2013) – English Review

the white storm

A group of policemen from Hong Kong travel over to Thailand to arrest a powerful and very dangerous drug lord with bad hair. Things go wrong during the mission, and the former friends cannot stand to be in each other’s presence. After five years, an old friend shows up in Hong Kong, and then all hell breaks loose. Fortsett å lese «The White Storm (2013) – English Review»