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An Elephant Sitting Still (2018) – English Review

We follow some people who are depressed, and many of them find no meaning to live anymore. Some are young, others are old, and on their journey, they will cross paths. Continue reading “An Elephant Sitting Still (2018) – English Review”

Angels Wear White (2017) – English Review

Two girls who are 12 years old are raped by a powerful man. And they are going to find out that the world they live in is cold and brutal where everyone thinks only of themselves and theirs. A lawyer tries to help them, but it’s not an easy job when most people she meets are self-absorbed and corrupt. Continue reading “Angels Wear White (2017) – English Review”

So Long, My Son (2019) – English Review

We follow a married couple who experience good and bad things over several decades. The worst thing they experience is losing their son in a drowning accident. That deprives them of living a normal life, because the government won’t allow them to be happy. But they stand tall, even though they have received several hard blows in the stomach. Continue reading “So Long, My Son (2019) – English Review”

Savage (2018) – English Review

Three men rob a security truck that’s transporting gold bars. One year has passed, and the robbers are back again to move the gold bars before a blizzard arrives. But a cop who saw his partner get killed by these three men is close by, and he will do anything to catch them! Continue reading “Savage (2018) – English Review”

Bodies at Rest (2019) – English Review

Three people are searching for a corpse, and they are making hell on earth for the staff working at a mortuary. What are they searching for? And will the employees survive this night? Continue reading “Bodies at Rest (2019) – English Review”

Crazy Racer (2009) – English Review

A former cyclist who got kicked out of the sport after he tested positive for illegal substances, gets in trouble when the police believe he has killed a person. And it doesn’t get any better when assassins, gangsters, and a married couple that hates each other get involved. Continue reading “Crazy Racer (2009) – English Review”

Sakra (2023) – English Review

A man is accused of killing someone in his sect, but he didn’t do it. Now he must find out who the real killer is while also uncovering his mysterious past. Unfortunately, every time he arrives at a new location to gather clues, he’s accused of more murders. He’s truly an unlucky man! Continue reading “Sakra (2023) – English Review”

Blood 13 (2018) – English Review

The police are hunting a serial killer. An elderly police officer is sure that he knows who the serial killer is. He’s been chasing him for many years. But proving it turns out to be difficult. The police officers investigating the case aren’t the sharpest knives in the drawer! Continue reading “Blood 13 (2018) – English Review”

Line Walker (2016) – English Review

The police are trying to stop a drug ring, and an old mole they thought was dead shows up again. Now the police are trying to find out who the mole is and whether he is still on their side. Continue reading “Line Walker (2016) – English Review”