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Crazy Racer (2009) – English Review

A former cyclist who got kicked out of the sport after he tested positive for illegal substances, gets in trouble when the police believe he has killed a person. And it doesn’t get any better when assassins, gangsters, and a married couple that hates each other get involved.

Ning Hao was one of China’s most interesting movie directors for a while. But he became a victim of censorship in China. Something happened to him after No Man’s Land. It took him several years to finish the movie before it passed through censorship. I think it got the green light after 4 years!

I have watched all of the director’s movies up to No Man’s Land. After that, I lost interest in this director. Crazy Stone offered some fun, but Crazy Racer is wilder, and it feels like a Guy Ritchie movie. Ning Hao must have seen some of the best movies that Guy Ritchie has made. The editing, the way he uses the camera, and the wild situations, are something you see in movies directed by Guy Ritchie.

Crazy Racer is a fun comedy where we find assassins, stupid cops, gangsters, scoundrels, and a former cyclist who’s accused of killing a person. The way Ning Hao tells this chaotic story is impressive. He manages the most important thing when a lot is going on at once, and that’s having full control. Every little scene builds up to something, and you just enjoy this wild ride with a big smile.

Ning Hao can tell a good and engaging story and show us beautiful visual scenes at the same time. The scene where an apartment explodes, and we see every detail room by room, is one of the coolest scenes I’ve ever seen. And remember, this is a Chinese movie! Impressive! That scene alone makes a movie nerd happy!

Crazy Racer is a great comedy with many characters, several funny scenes, and it has wonderful and silly characters that are easy to like. But why Huang Bo has gotten so many leading roles is something I don’t understand. He’s more irritating than charming, and he’s no Prince charming!

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