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Sex and Zen (1991) – English Review

A man loves to have sex, and he doesn’t care about his new wife as long as he can have sex with the women he wants. But one-day karma will knock on his door, something he doesn’t think will happen.

After what I understand, Sex and Zen are considered to be a classic. And I can understand it because the movie has some memorable sex scenes. This is a sex comedy that gets a little darker towards the end of the movie. But before that, we get to see scenes with a lot of comedy and madness.

And if there is something I appreciate, it’s creative madness. Sex and Zen have some amazing scenes. Especially the scene that took me back to Requiem for a Dream, just that Requiem for a Dream was made many years after Sex and Zen. The scene I’m talking about is when two women are having sex and they perform an ass to ass with a flute! What a wonderful scene!

Another delightful scene is when the protagonist wants a bigger penis and he seeks out a person who can replace his small penis with a horse penis. We get to see a funny sequence with a lot of slapstick humor that will make most people smile.

There’s a lot of sex here. And there are some scenes that are boring if you are like me and are watching the movie just for crazy sex scenes that will make you laugh. We see the best sex scenes early in the movie before it all settles down a bit. The movie doesn’t come back to life until the last, long sequence when the protagonist gets his punishment when karma knocks on his door.

If you like creative sex movies, Sex and Zen is a movie worth seeing. This isn’t a movie where you care about the characters. You watch the movie for the strange sex scenes and that’s all.

Rating: 5/10

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