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Sex and Zen II (1996) – English Review

A man who has a super-trained penis and a bunch of mistresses cannot keep control of his daughter. She wants to study at a school where only men may study. He tells her no! But after a while, he gives in, and she gets permission to study at this school. But then a mysterious woman appears, and she seduces her father. And suddenly the other mistresses die after the mysterious woman appeared. What’s going on?

The first movie was charming and hilarious. But Sex and Zen II don’t create the madness we saw in the first movie. Sex and Zen II is nowhere near as charming as the first movie. In fact, this is a turd of a movie!

The big problem with Sex and Zen II as a sex comedy is that it’s not charming or funny. Why do we watch these movies? We watch the movies for fun and crazy sex scenes that will make us laugh. There’s nothing to laugh about during the sex scenes we see here. The most fun happens outside the bedroom, but what happens outside the bedroom isn’t fun either.

I really didn’t think Sex and Zen II would be as bad as it was. I felt that the movie didn’t have much in common with the first movie. Suddenly it turns out that it’s a kind of sex demon who rapes the mistresses, and the whole movie becomes too dark and uncharming.

The only reason anyone wants to watch this movie in modern times is that we see Shu Qi naked. She had a beautiful body. But watching the movie only for her naked body is something I don’t recommend at all. Everything that made the first movie charming, is gone in the sequel. This is just garbage!

Rating: 1/10

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