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Children (2011) – English Review


Five young boys disappear one day when they are out to catch frogs. After 11 years, they find the corpses of the boys. What happened, and who was behind the murders?

The movie is based partly on true events. The case is named The Frog Boys, and the case is still unsolved. In the movie, we follow a documentary producer and a professor who tries to find out what happened to the five boys. The movie explores the year the boys disappeared, and then the movie jumps to the year when the boys were found dead and buried.

Children is a good movie that has its theories of what happened to the kids who were found murdered. But I felt that the last part was too weak and ruined the movie experience. As a viewer, you easily feel that the fiction takes over the steering wheel in the last act. It was not a wise choice.

Children is not a new Memories of Murder, which is absolutely the best movie in this genre. The thing that bothered me when I watched the movie was that I didn’t know much about the disappearances and the theories the police had in reality. So I didn’t know what was real, and what was fiction.

But the two first acts are superb. It’s always interesting to follow characters who become obsessed about a case and who are certain that they have conclusive proof that they know who is behind the disappearances and murders. Unfortunately, Children choose a stupid direction when the protagonist is certain who the killer is. At that point, the movie loses its authenticity.

If you like unsolved murder mysteries, Children is worth checking out. But the last act is, unfortunately, a very different movie when the killer is pointed out. In reality, these murders are still unsolved. The limitation period has expired. That means that the killer may now reveal what he did and who he is, but he won’t be punished. What a fantastic legal system some countries have!


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