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Concrete-Encased High School Girl Murder Case (1995) – English Review

A young woman is kidnapped, tortured and raped for 40 days before she dies. This is the story of Junko Furuta.

This is the second movie I’ve seen about Junko Furuta. The first movie Concrete (2004), was not a good movie, but it was better than this movie. Just so you know, this is a movie based on true events that happened in Japan in 1989. If you are watching this review, I’m guessing that you know about this case so I don’t have to spend time telling you what happened and what the gang did to Junko Furuta.

Fortunately, the runtime is short. The runtime is around 68 minutes, and that’s good. The movie feels like a true crime episode you watch on TV, minus the scenes of violence the movie shows us.

Do you learn something new here if you have seen Concrete (2004)? No, I didn’t feel I learned something new at all.

The actors aren’t much to brag about, and again I sat with the feeling that they shouldn’t make movies about this case until some talented people who want to tell us something sit down and write a good script. But that’s difficult in terms of what happened in reality, so the best thing is to make a good documentary. I don’t know if it exists, but in my eyes it would have been the best. So stop making these movies when they are shit!

With the exception of the gang who lits Junko Furuta’s legs on fire, this is not a graphic movie. The only thing the movie has spent money on is the burn injuries on Junko Furuta’s legs. Concrete was better at showing us what the disgusting gang did to Junko Furuta.

Do you really mean that the perpetrators deserve to live? Of the two films I’ve seen, Concrete (2004) is a better movie than Concrete-Encased High School Girl Murder Case. What the f! Who thought of this stupid title? This is not a movie worth spending time on, so skip this one!

Rating: 1/10

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